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Study: Prekindergarten Programs Can Aid Hispanic Students

April 23, 2007 English Language LearnersOutcomes
John Lyon

Significant achievement gaps exist between white and Hispanic students, but effective prekindergarten programs can help reduce those gaps, the head of a national task force said Monday. Speaking at a news conference at the state Capitol, Eugene Garcia of Arizona State University said the fact that Hispanic students lag behind their white classmates is a…

ABCs of Change For Latino Children

March 24, 2007 English Language Learners
Maria Glod

Advocates Push Early Education Programs To Help Community Bridge Achievement Gap

Native speech key for preschoolers, study finds

March 22, 2007 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Staff Reports

A new study finds that Spanish-speaking preschoolers are better adjusted in class when their teachers speak at least some Spanish, compared to children whose teachers speak only English. The key finding of the study, by the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at UNC Chapel Hill, tends of refute conventional wisdom that English-only pre-kindergarten programs…

Language Immersion a Big Draw

January 19, 2007 English Language LearnersQuality and Curriculum
Quynh Tran

Escuela Bilingue Internacional in Rockridge finds demand for its services greatly exceeds expectations

More children learn more than one language

January 10, 2007 English Language LearnersQuality and Curriculum
Beth Walton

Azure Warrenfeltz is fluent in Japanese and Spanish. She also can understand bits of French, German, Arabic and Italian, and she soon hopes to learn some Mandarin Chinese. Azure is 4 years old.

Espanol, English Mingling in Md. Classroom

November 12, 2006 English Language Learners
Lori Aratani

Dual-Language Immersion Improves Skills for Students of Different Cultures

For Hispanic Parents, Lessons on Helping With the Homework

November 1, 2006 English Language Learners
Joseph Berger

Parental involvement is a buzzword in education, a recommended cure for high dropout rates, poor test scores and almost everything else that ails schoolchildren. But for immigrant parents, helping their children absorb lessons in an inscrutable language in a strange country has always been a distinctive challenge.

Preschool alternative proposed

August 25, 2006 English Language Learners
Jennifer Toomer-Cook

Senator wants state to pay for training parents to assist their children

Demand for preschool widens — as does ethnic gap

August 24, 2006 AccessEnglish Language LearnersUniversal and Targeted
Diana Bellettieri

Despite representing a large and rapidly growing segment of the nation’s population, Hispanic children are least likely to participate in preschool, studies show.

DPS sets English policy

August 10, 2006 English Language Learners
Nancy Mitchell

First-ever guidelines issued for teaching Spanish speakers