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Language immersion program aims to make students bilingual

June 20, 2008 English Language LearnersQuality and Curriculum
Cyndi Loza

Classes will include 50 percent English speakers who have no or limited Spanish proficiency skills and 50 percent Spanish speakers who have no or limited English skills. The program will provide instruction in both languages while encouraging cultural awareness in the process.

The Quest for Childcare: Few Spaces, Little Information

June 19, 2008 AccessEnglish Language Learners
Larry Tung

Although New York City offers low-cost or free childcare, there are not enough places for every child. And even when a program is available, many immigrant families do not know how to navigate the complicated system to receive this service.

Parents study how to give kids a head start

April 23, 2008 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomes
Rachel Schleif

Without these early lessons, Pedro and Cassandra may have started kindergarten already behind their peers — the beginning of a long achievement gap. North Central Washington Readiness for Kindergarten is a grant project that offers parents three group classes and follow-up home visits with literacy specialists.

Preschoolers learn language skills to prepare for kindergarten

April 23, 2008 English Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Kimberlina Rocha

Preschool is the time to learn your ABCs — and your números uno, dos y tres. Spanish and even American Sign Language are making their way into the preschool curriculum. Children are learning not just to communicate, but to do so in a multicultural society.

Children seem to thrive on learning multiple languages

April 15, 2008 English Language LearnersQuality and Curriculum
Debbie Cafazzo

For many years, parents and teachers assumed that teaching a foreign tongue to young children might be too difficult. But language teachers who work with younger children say you need only hear the children of immigrants to understand how learning more than one language is not only possible, but beneficial.

Garcia: Pre-K education key to workforce development

February 29, 2008 Economics and FinanceEnglish Language LearnersGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Megan Kamerick

Early childhood education for Hispanics makes a huge difference in their future success — more so than for any other population. That has serious ramifications for economic development in New Mexico.

Preschool linguists: Local school is starting students on bilingual path

October 17, 2007 English Language Learners
Danya Hooker

Mi casa es verde. Anyone needing help translating that sentence can ask the preschoolers at Chesterbrook Academy in St. Charles, 600 Courtyard Drive. The school’s 110 2-year-old through kindergarten students are the first round of preschoolers learning Spanish as part of a new program rolled out by the academy this fall.

Dual-language classes growing in popularity

October 3, 2007 English Language LearnersState & LocalWorkforce
Martha Deller and Diane Smith

As more Hispanics make Texas their home, dual-language programs are becoming increasingly popular in schools statewide. School officials attribute the increase to a shortage of bilingual teachers and a mandate from the state that requires districts with at least 20 non-English-speaking students to offer bilingual classes.

‘First Steps’ in two languages

September 27, 2007 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Summer Harlow

With Hispanic students less likely to graduate from high school than blacks or whites, educators are looking to bilingual and multicultural early education programs as one way to narrow the gap.

A new translation

August 17, 2007 English Language Learners
Karen Ayres

Many see a better way to teach bilingualism: dual language