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Little pre-K access for Latinos

April 15, 2009 AccessEnglish Language Learners
Margaret Ramirez

Kids behind at start of school, advocates say

Proposal Would Expand Training For Connecticut Teachers

February 5, 2009 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Jodie Mozdzer

New teachers looking to work in Connecticut public schools would have to learn to teach “atypical” students, such as special education students and English language learners, under revised teacher certification guidelines being developed by the state Department of Education.

Family literacy program aims to make education a tradition

December 11, 2008 English Language LearnersGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Clare Jensen

Community support is needed as funding sources dwindle

Education: Students lacking English complicate schools’ jobs

October 6, 2008 English Language LearnersWorkforce
Adam Bowles

A state study released in July showed a teacher shortage in bilingual education in grades prekindergarten through 12. About 40 percent of the vacancies remained open, including 21 bilingual education positions and 43 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Early gift of language

September 23, 2008 English Language Learners
Star Traylor

Local families make decision to raise children to be bilingual

Yonkers report : Prekindergarten boosts achievement

September 1, 2008 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomesUniversal and Targeted
Ernie Garcia

Children who attended prekindergarten performed 13 to 16 percentage points higher on mandated English and math exams in 2008. Their performance improved regardless of ethnic group, disability, gender, English-language proficiency or whether they received free or reduced-price lunches, though performance varied among those groups.

Preschool offers kids immersion in Spanish

August 30, 2008 English Language Learners
Jessamy Brown

Supporters of the programs say young children learn foreign languages easily

In the Under-5 Set, Minority Becoming the Majority

August 7, 2008 English Language Learners
N.C. Aizenman

As the current crop of youngsters reaches kindergarten age, school systems that would otherwise be losing students will continue to grow or remain stable. They will also need to accommodate an ever-larger number of students who were raised in immigrant households where English was not spoken.

Jumpstart helps Hispanic preschoolers

July 2, 2008 English Language Learners
Wayne Grayson

Learning a new language can be a daunting task for anyone. Combine that task with learning a new social system and arriving on time for the first day of school, and it seems like more than a five-year-old should endure.

Underserved children gain skills for school

June 30, 2008 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomesUniversal and Targeted
Sierra Filucci

The program targets kids with little or no preschool experience and is funded primarily through First 5 Marin, the early childhood education agency supported by tobacco tax revenue. Last year in Marin, 72 percent of the students in the program were Latino and more than 65 percent came from homes where Spanish was the primary…