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Full-day kindergarten pushed by Republican governor

January 19, 2013 English Language Learners
Ray Hagar

[Gov. Brian Sandoval] goes one step further in boosting Nevada’s early childhood education system, proposing $14 million for an “English language learners’ initiative” that would be used to help children in kindergarten through third grade who don’t speak English at home or don’t use English as their preferred language.

Hispanic preschoolers show strong social skills; literacy lags

December 11, 2012 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Lesli A. Maxwell

Mexican-American preschoolers lag behind their white peers when it comes to early language and literacy development, but their social-emotional skills are just as strong, according to new findings from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Parenting program aims to help Latinos close early-learning gaps

October 16, 2012 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Lesli A. Maxwell

[T]here are still significant gaps in readiness between Latino children and their white and Asian-American peers before they enter school, especially when it comes to literacy. A 5-year-old program is taking aim at eliminating those gaps by focusing on parenting practices for children from birth to age 5.

For Illinois’ preschools, bilingual teachers are in short supply

September 25, 2012 English Language LearnersState & Local
Lesli A. Maxwell

Illinois requires some of its publicly funded preschool programs to provide either bilingual or English as a second-language instruction to students who are ELLs, a policy it adopted four years ago and one still considered to be groundbreaking for young English-learners.

Multi-lingual children express their emotions better: study

August 3, 2012 English Language Learners
Press Trust of India

Switching from one language to another while in a conversation can help children express themselves better, a new research has found. A study by University of California and Morgan Kennedy of Bard College researchers has found how ‘code-switching’, or switching back and forth between different languages to discuss and express emotions in a multilingual family…

State awards $20,000 to better train preschool teachers

July 12, 2012 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumWorkforce
Robert Storace

The New Britain Early Childhood Collaborative has been awarded $20,000 in state money to help train 85 preschool teachers to become better educators of young children who are learning English as a Second Language.

Some solutions in place to close education gap, but is Utah willing to pay for them?

June 26, 2012 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomes
Marjorie Cortez

The program has given preschoolers such a leg up that by the end of third grade, they’re performing on par in math and English with peers not affected by poverty, according to an evaluation by Utah State University early childhood education researchers. The question remains, as the population changes, will there be money and political…

N.J. District’s Preschool Programs Draw Latinos

June 7, 2012 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Lesli A. Maxwell

In a city where 90 percent of public school students are Latino, and 61 percent qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, Perth Amboy has achieved something few communities with a majority-Hispanic student population have: a nearly perfect record for enrolling every eligible 4-year-old and many 3-year-olds in one of its preschool classrooms. In 2011-12, nearly…

Limited Preschool Access Dims Success for Latino Children—And California’s Future

February 29, 2012 AccessEnglish Language Learners
Rebecca Plevin

Too frequently, though, Latino children don’t have access to these high-quality programs, due to their high cost, or long waiting lists. Children of migrant families face even greater barriers to accessing such programs, said [Robert] Forbes, of the county’s migrant program.

The Latino Gap: Preschool Helps, But Not Enough Are Enrolled

January 25, 2012 AccessEconomics and FinanceEnglish Language LearnersState & Local
Jude Joffe-Block

There is a wealth of evidence that early education is key when it comes to narrowing the achievement gap between Latino children and their peers. But across the country and this region, access to quality affordable preschool is lacking.