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Literacy gap between Latino and white toddlers starts early, study shows

April 2, 2015 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Teresa Watanabe

Latino toddlers whose language comprehension is roughly similar to white peers at 9 months old fall significantly behind by the time they are 2, according to a  study  released Thursday.  The UC Berkeley study found that four-fifths of the nation’s Mexican American toddlers lagged three to five months behind whites in preliteracy skills, oral language and familiarity with print materials.

Are english learners neglected in early education?

February 12, 2015 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Suzanne Gamboa

In San Antonio’s Harlandale school district, pre-kindergarten students learn English and Spanish together. They help one another through instructions and assist each other in the language they are most familiar with, a structure that they’ll stick with until they reach sixth grade. Similar programs can be found in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere as more and more…

Many key US states lack early development plans for Dual Language Learners

January 22, 2015 English Language Learners
Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Dual language learners have increased massively within the last few years, due greatly to immigration and the organic growth of Spanish-dominate U.S. born Latinos. That said, there’s evidence that identifying and supporting bilingual or multilingual students earlier in their  cognitive development/educational process does not seem to be a state or national priority,  although it can make all the difference in their future. Very few states demand early language…

How language and immigrant background influence pre-K participation and Kindergarten readiness

January 7, 2015 English Language Learners
Amaya Garcia

e number of dual language learners in the United States is  growing extremely rapidly . And there’s strong evidence that  identifying and supporting these students early in their educational process  can make a big difference for them in the long run. Yet, according to a recent  webinar  by the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes ( CEELO ) and the National Institute for Early Education Research ( NIEER ) on Young Immigrants…

Summarizing the research on dual language learners

October 27, 2014 English Language LearnersOutcomes
Conor Williams

Research efforts are also advancing our knowledge of just how different DLLs’ linguistic and academic paths are. Whatever your preconceived notions, this research should inform the policies that govern DLLs’ educational experiences. The most recent edition of Early Childhood Research Quarterly(ECRQ) has several useful reviews of recent research on dual language learners.

Latino children make greatest gains in NC Pre-K

August 25, 2014 English Language LearnersOutcomesState & Local
Daily News

A new summary of 12 years of study on North Carolina's pre-kindergarten plan for at-threat 4-year-olds shows that "dual-language learners" make the greatest academic progress in the plan...

Latinos highly benefit from Head Start, preK Programs, access is difficult

January 6, 2014 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and Curriculum
The Latino Post

A study by UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) shows that children who have lower English-language abilities than their classmates benefit most from programs like Head Start and public pre-k. How and why this is true are not so clear.

On a mission to expand quality preschool, one of the keys to educational success

October 22, 2013 AccessEnglish Language LearnersQuality and Curriculum
Carmen Sesin

While Latinos are the largest minority group in US public schools, they have the lowest enrollment in early education programs.  Although Latino children make up one in four children under the age of 5, less than half of Latino children are enrolled in any early learning program – and not all are part of a good quality…

The importance of preschool for Hispanic children

June 2, 2013 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomes
John Benson

The broken record of bridging the achievement gap in education for the Latino community got a shot in the arm earlier this week when U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, addressing a roundtable of reporters, touted the importance of Hispanic preschool as a building block to academic success.

Illinois’ efforts to close language gap in preschools may not be enough for some

March 14, 2013 English Language LearnersOutcomesState & Local
Ashleigh M. Joplin

Language services are already offered in grades K-12, but now the Illinois State Board of Education is working to prevent this from happening to current preschoolers with a mandate for 2014 implementation. But despite growing efforts to provide students with language assistance a learning gap persists.