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Ohio Preschool Teachers Among Lowest Paid in U.S., Federal Report Finds

June 15, 2016 Economics and FinanceState & Local
Sara Dorn

Ohio preschool teachers make less than their peers in 48 states, and their median salary is low enough to qualify families of four for food stamp benefits, according to a report from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Education. Only Utah and Arizona preschool teachers have lower median salaries than the $23,690…

Expand pre-K for more kids

June 14, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
The Editorial Board

For politicians, early childhood education is a case of a narrow window and a far horizon. In Pennsylvania, state legislators are too focused on that horizon. Abundant research on education and brain development shows that there is a relatively narrow window, between ages 3 and 5, in which to best establish a solid educational foundation…

Commentary: US must invest in early childhood

June 9, 2016 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Rebecca Ullrich & Jessica Troe

Yet time and again, policymakers expect hundreds of thousands of miles out of early childhood programs that are not adequately funded and maintained. Critics like to say that we don’t know if early childhood programs work, suggesting that the research is inconclusive. But we can’t expect much mileage from programs whose funding is constantly under…

Should N.J. expand public preschool?

June 9, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomesState & Local
Diane D'Amico

Only about a third of all children in the state have access to free public preschool. A new legislative effort to expand the program has many supporters, but also many hurdles to overcome. Nationally, public preschool is slowly expanding. In 2003, the first year of the State of Preschool Yearbook published by the National Institute…

Study: Funding, leadership key to pre-K and early school years alignment

June 2, 2016 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Jeremy Hay

More funding is needed to achieve greater curriculum alignment between preschool and the early school years, so that what students learn in kindergarten through 3rd grade builds on what they learned in preschool, a new study says. Strong leadership by district officials knowledgeable about quality preschool education is another key to making alignment work, said the…

Preschool Offers Barter Program to Help Parents Offset Tuition Costs

May 31, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceState & Local
Carolina Pichardo

A local preschool’s work-study grant program lets parents barter their skills for a preschool tuition break, making the process of going back to work a lot easier and more affordable, its director says. When the Osher Learning Center on 50 Overlook Terrace opened in 2011, the goal was to provide an affordable and nurturing educational environment, where kids…

MTG: Pre-K programs grow significantly–not not in Idaho

May 26, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceState & Local
Kevin Richert & Michelle Edmonds

Across the country, states spent $6.2 billion on pre-K programs in 2014-15, a $553 million increase. The city of Boise is helping to fund a pre-K pilot program in the Boise School District. These programs served nearly 1.4 million students, up more than 37,000 from the previous year. The National Institute for Early Education Research…

Starting early

May 26, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumUniversal and Targeted
Natalie Krebs

After some deal-making, CPS and Preschool Promise will ask voters to fund universal preschool

Preschool — The solution to black achievement gap?

May 24, 2016 AccessAssessmentEconomics and FinanceOutcomes
Mackenzie Ryan

It’s mid-morning, and Evevett Fugate has been up all night. She takes her youngest, Ovalia, to preschool class for 4-year-olds, then picks her up at 11 a.m. Although Fugate’s overnight work allows her to attend school activities, she has enrolled Ovalia in early childhood programs since age 2 because she knows how vital is it for children to get an early jump on…

Bentley announces $15 Million awarded for pre-K grants

May 18, 2016 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Keith Lane

Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday announced over 150 new grants that will provide more than 2,700 additional Alabama four-year-olds with access to high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten.”Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a proven program that prepares students for success,” Governor Robert Bentley said. “Only 20 percent of Alabama’s four-year-olds are currently enrolled in the First Class program. Along with…