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A cost analysis of Part-C early intervention services in New Jersey. Journal of Early Intervention

February 22, 2018 Economics and FinanceQuality and Curriculum

By Tarr, J. & Barnett, W. S. (2001) This study estimates the cost of early intervention services in New Jersey and investigates sources of variations in cost. Data were obtained statewide from a cost survey and a daily activity log that service providers completed. Variables affecting cost were the types of staff providing services, time allocations…

The State Education Standard

January 10, 2018 Economics and FinanceState & Local

January 2018 The impact of early childhood education is undeniable. Recent studies indicate that programs for children under five can significantly decrease special education placement and grade retention, close achievement gaps, and increase high school graduation rates. States see this value too: Forty-three states and the District of Columbia provide state-funded preschool, serving nearly 1.5…

Early childhood development and social mobility.

December 15, 2017 AccessEconomics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. & Belfield, C. (2006). Steven Barnett and Clive Belfield examine the effects of preschool education on social mobility in the United States. They note that under current policy three- and four-year-old children from economically and educationally disadvantaged families have higher preschool attendance rates than other children. But current programs fail to enroll…

Early childhood program design and economic returns: Comparative benefit-cost analysis of the Abecedarian program and policy implications.

December 15, 2017 AssessmentEconomics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. & Masse, L. N. (2007). Child care and education are to some extent joint products of preschool programs, but public policy and research frequently approach these two goals independently. We present a benefit–cost analysis of a preschool program that provided intensive education during full-day child care. Data were obtained from a randomized…

Benefits and costs of quality early childhood education.

December 15, 2017 Economics and FinanceSpecial Education

By Barnett, W. S. (2007). Early childhood education is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in American education. The vast majority of states support some early childhood education programs apart from preschool special education (which every state mandates), and an increasing number of states are committed to providing every child a public education at age…

Why governments should invest in early education.

December 15, 2017 Economics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. (2008). The fact that we can improve the learning, development, and life course of children through early educational investments does not mean that there is an economic rationale for such investments.  An  economic  case  for  such  investments  requires  estimates of  their  costs  and  benefits. Fortunately, three rigorous cost-benefit analyses have been…

And a little child shall lead them—Economic recovery in 3 easy steps.

December 15, 2017 Economics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. (2009).  

Universal and targeted approaches to preschool education in the United States.

December 15, 2017 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomes

By Barnett, W. S. (2010). In the United States, enrollments in preschool center-based programs have leveled off at about 75 percent of four-year-olds and 50 percent of three year olds. Nearly all government programs restrict eligibility to children in low-income families, and these families have substantially increased preschool participation rates as a result. However, in the…

Financing early childhood education programs: State, federal and local issues.

December 15, 2017 Economics and FinanceFederal

By Hustedt, J. T. & Barnett, W. S. (2011). The landscape of financing early childhood education in the U.S. is complex. Programs run the gamut from tuition-supported private centers to public programs supported by federal, state, or local funds. Different funding streams are poorly coordinated. The federal government funds several major targeted programs that are available…

Kindergarten readiness impacts of the Arkansas Better Chance State Prekindergarten Initiative.

December 12, 2017 Economics and FinanceState & Local

By Hustedt, J. T., Jung, K., Barnett W. S. & Williams, T. (2015). Enrollment in state-funded pre-K programs prior to kindergarten entry has become increasingly common. As each state develops its own model for pre-K, rigorous studies of the impacts of state-specific programs are needed. This study investigates impacts of the Arkansas Better Chance (ABC)…