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Investing in Young Children: New Directions in Federal Preschool and Early Childhood Policy

October 1, 2010 Economics and FinanceOutcomesQuality and Curriculum

Ron Haskins and Steve Barnett focus on Early Head Start, Head Start, and home visiting programs in this collection of papers they edit. Promising recommendations include closing ineffective Head Start centers or giving other program operators the opportunity to compete for Head Start.

Funding cuts to state-funded prekindergarten programs in FY10 & 11

August 1, 2010 Economics and FinanceState & Local

National Institute for Early Education Research Co-Director Steve Barnett and Research Professor Dale Epstein estimate the cuts in state funding for prekindergarten across fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

Do Effects of Early Child Care Extend to Age 15 Years? Results From the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development

May 1, 2010 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum

The latest report from the NICHD child care study that has tracked more than 1,000 kids from birth to age 15 finds benefits of high-quality child care last into the teenage years.

Education Reform Starts Early: Lessons from New Jersey’s PreK-3rd Reform Efforts

December 1, 2009 Governance and AccountabilityOutcomesState & Local

This report describes how New Jersey became a national leader in early education with the state's reforms from preschool to third grade.

The New Mexico PreK Evaluation: Results from the Initial Four Years of a New State Preschool Initiative

November 1, 2009 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations

This summary report on the initial phase of NIEER's New Mexico Pre-K study finds significantly improved language, literacy, and math for the children who attended over children who did not and an estimated rate of return is $5 for every $1 invested.

Benefits of Early Childhood Interventions Across the World: (Under) Investing in the Very Young

September 1, 2009 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum

This paper reviews the international evidence on the benefits of early childhood interventions.

Continued Impacts of New Mexico PreK on Children’s Readiness for Kindergarten: Results from the Third Year of Implementation

September 1, 2009 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations

NIEER's multi-year study shows that children who attended New Mexico PreK scored higher in early math, language, and literacy than children who did not attend the program.

English Language Learners’ Math and Reading Achievement Trajectories in the Elementary Grades: Full Technical Report

June 1, 2009 English Language Learners
Claudia Galindo

This paper aims to provide detailed descriptive analyses of the patterns of language minority students' achievement.

NIEER Working Paper – What Do We Know About the Impact of Publicly funded Preschool Education on the Supply and Quality of Infant/Toddler Care?

April 1, 2009
Debra J. Ackerman and W. Steven Barnett

This report examines the extent to which publicly funded preschool education programs have helped or hindered infant and toddler programs.

NIEER Working Paper – Mathematics and Science in Preschool: Policy and Practice

March 1, 2009 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumSTEMWorkforce
Kimberly Brenneman, Judi Stevenson-Boyd and Ellen C. Fre

Does a teacher's bachelor's degree have a positive impact on early childhood education outcomes? This meta-analysis was conducted to provide a quantitative synthesis of research findings on the relationship of teacher educational attainment and measures of classroom quality and child development.