Recommended Books

American Children in Chronic Poverty: Complex Risks, Benefit-Cost Analyses, and Untangling the Knot

November 2012

Explores programs and policies that help alleviate problems brought on from poverty, with a particular focus on children's potential.

Teaching and Learning in Two Languages: Bilingualism and Schooling in the United States

August 2012

Depicts the vast scope and complexity of education students who are English Language Learners.

Critical Issues in Early Childhood Professional Development

August 2012

Provides a solid foundation of knowledge the field needs to focus future research studies and make informed decisions about teacher preparation.

Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children (Second Edition)

August 2012

Provides a comprehensive overview of important issues in the early education field.

Basics of Assessment: A Primer for Early Childhood Professionals

August 2012

Provides an overview of basic assessment concepts with a focus on children's development and learning.

The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrates Threaten World Prosperity And What to Do About It

August 2012

Suggests maximizing the potential of children through policy that offer more support for young families and children.

Ready or Not: Leadership Choices in Early Care and Education

August 2012

Examines the identity, purpose and responsibility of the early care and education field while discussing the opportunities and challenges facing leaders in the field.

Enriching Children, Enriching the Nation: Public Investment in High-Quality Prekindergarten

August 2012

Applies a careful cost-benefit analysis to a nationwide public investment in early childhood education, considering both a targeted scenario and a preschool for all approach.

The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids-First Politics

August 2012

Discusses the research, policy, and politics behind the preschool education movement in the U.S.

The State of Education Policy Research

August 2012

Examines key issues facing policymakers and researchers including race, education equity, teacher quality, early education, privatization, and politics.

Literacy Leadership in Early Childhood: The Essential Guide

August 2012

Covers key aspects of literacy learning and teaching as applied to preschool settings.

Child Development and Social Policy: Knowledge for Action

August 2012

Focuses on both the influence of social policy on children's development and the unique insight that developmentalists bring to this policy's formation.