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Pre-K Disparities: What You Get Depends on Where You Live

July 20, 2011 AccessQuality and Curriculum

When we analyzed the data for The State of Preschool 2010 , a disturbing trend that we noticed the previous year continued to appear: during these difficult economic times, disparities among states in providing high-quality preschool education are growing larger. Consequently, children’s access to and quality of experiences in preschool vary drastically depending on where they reside. For instance, a…

The Bottom Ten: A Closer Look at No-Program States

June 6, 2011 Quality and Curriculum

The State of Preschool 2010 provided some good news regarding two new pilot programs in Alaska and Rhode Island, meaning there is no longer a “dirty dozen” of states without preschool education programs. However, 10 states still have not made preschool a priority and lack such programs for young learners. These “Bottom Ten” states do provide some services to their…