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My Search for the Holy Grail: High Quality Infant Care: Part II

November 22, 2019
Allison H. Friedman-Krauss

Part II: What can be done to improve access to high-quality infant-toddler care? In Part I , I described my journey looking for child care for my infant son. From responses, I learned my search was more positive and less frustrating than many others, although still stressful at times. We were lucky to find convenient infant care…

My Search for the Holy Grail: High Quality Infant Care: Part I

November 15, 2019
Allison H. Friedman-Krauss

( Part II ) We visited the first child care center at the beginning of my second trimester. For comparison, I don’t think we visited pediatricians until I was nearly 8 months pregnant. (I’ve never heard anyone having a problem finding a pediatrician, but child care was another story.) As a developmental psychologist whose job centers around…

Instructional alignment for sustaining the prekindergarten boost: Early findings from Boston

November 8, 2019
AUTHORS: Christina Weiland, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh, Jason Sachs, Catherine Snow, Michelle Maier, Rebecca Unterman, and Anna Shapiro

Recently, our research team released findings from a set of studies on the Boston Public Schools Prekindergarten Program that examined whether and under what conditions the boost from their prekindergarten program lasts through third grade.  Findings are summarized in both a recent policy brief and in a piece at Brooking’s Brown Center Chalkboard .  In short, we found that substantial…

Finding Hidden Data Treasure – 2018 Update

August 22, 2019 State Pre-K Evaluations

Katherine Hodges and Karin Garver The State of Preschool 2018  yearbook makes it easy to find how many children in your state attend public pre-K. Or whether your state, or others, requires pay parity for pre-K teachers with K-3. And if someone with only a high school diploma is allowed to teach pre-K in your state. But if you want to…

Reimagining ECE’s Approach to Change

July 26, 2019 Quality and CurriculumWorkforce

This article draws from the authors’ new book Ready or Not: Early Care and Education’s Leadership Choices —12 Years Later. Why has early childhood education (ECE) not yet achieved its desired level of impact? As authors, we’ve tried to tackle this question because since publication in 2007 of Ready or Not: Leadership Choices in Early Care and Education , little has changed in terms of the ECE…

Child Care Policy Should be Good for Kids Not Just for Politicians

July 19, 2019

Child care has become a higher profile public policy priority as politicians have taken notice of Americans’ child care concerns. Last year, Congress passed the largest ever increase—$2.37 billion—in the federal government’s major child care program. For FY 2020, the President’s budget proposes a new $1 billion child care fund tied to deregulation. The House has passed an FY…

Class Size in Preschool: New findings add to what we know

June 28, 2019

Class size reduction policy has been long debated in early education as well as the K-12 sphere. This is not surprising given the ambiguity in defining class size and the mixed findings across several research studies. The only true experiment for preschool class size found that children assigned to smaller classes had larger gains on…

Quality of care matters for babies and toddlers: Lessons from aeioTU in Colombia

May 17, 2019
Milagros Nores

Worldwide, nations have increased public investments in early care and education to improve the development of young children. Research has found that interventions that enhance caregiving in the early years can alter children’s developmental trajectories and support their growth towards their full potential. However, improving supports for development is particularly complex for the lowest income…

Vive La Difference?

May 3, 2019
Karin Garver

The State of Preschool 2018 Yearbook included a section on the state-funded preschool workforce, specifically focusing on salaries, benefits, and other policies in place to support preschool teachers. The picture the survey painted is grim. State-funded preschool teachers are rarely supported at the same level as their K-3 counterparts. And, preschool teachers in participating privately…

Maine Children’s Alliance: the State of Preschool 2018

May 3, 2019

This post originally ran on the blog Maine Kids VOICE . According to a recent report released by the  National Institute for Early Education Research  (NIEER) more children are attending state-funded pre-K programs across the US, but state funding is not keeping pace, resulting in low compensation for pre-K teachers that threatens to undermine the quality and sustainability of programming. The State of Preschool 2018 annual report , based on 2017-18…