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Archived events including conferences and webinars

Past Events

American Montessori Society 2015 Annual Conference

Thursday, March 12, 2015 - March 15, 2015 @ 8am - 12:30pm

Expulsion and Suspension Prevention Webinar Series

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - March 4, 2015

Supporting Principal Leadership for Pre-K – 3rd Grade Learning Communities

Monday March 2, 2015 @ 3pm

The evolving role of today’s elementary principal offers an unprecedented opportunity to provide leadership to pre-K – 3rd grade learning communities, often extending beyond school walls to work with diverse community partners. Yet most principals have little training in effective early childhood instruction and pedagogy; and there are few resources that provide clear guidance to…

Preschool Dual Language Learners Intervention Practices

Monday March 2, 2015 @ 3pm

Full-day Kindergarten in a PreK-3rd Grade Strategy

Wednesday February 18, 2015 @ 3pm - 4:30pm

Improving the quality of and access to full-day kindergarten is too often ignored in early education discussions, yet it is central to a strong PreK-3rd grade continuum. While studies have shown that children benefit from full-day kindergarten, making gains in early reading skills, early math skills, and in other areas such as social skills, most…

Piecing Together a Future for American Education: A Conversation About Reggio Emilia with Local Professors

Thursday February 5, 2015 @ 4pm - 5:30pm

For more information on the Wonder of Learning event serires, visit here .

Evaluating Early Childhood Educators: Prekindergarten Through Third Grade

Tuesday January 27, 2015 @ 3:30PM

Early childhood educators play a critical role in preparing students for success later in their school experience. The instructional techniques, emotional supports, and assessment approaches for early childhood settings are different from classroom settings in later grades. How can states and districts develop evaluation systems that are tuned to these differences to ensure that early…

Pay for Success National Conference and Technical Assistance

Thursday January 8, 2015 @ 5pm

The South Carolina-based Institute for Child Success (“ICS”), a leader in Pay for Success (“PFS”) finance for early childhood programs nationally, offers jurisdictions interested in improving outcomes for children and bringing new resources to early childhood programs two exciting opportunities: A national conference on Early Childhood Pay for Success. In collaboration with ReadyNation, teams from up…

Zero to Three’s 27th Annual National Training Institute

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - December 12, 2014 @ 8am - 5pm

Honoring the Child, Honoring Equity 14: Embracing diverse identities

Friday, November 21, 2014 - November 22, 2014 @ 8am - 5pm