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Fordham University and Los Niños; Young Child Expo and Conference

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - April 15, 2016 @ 8am - 5pm
This New York event is designed to help teachers as well as parents of very young children and others who care for young children in any capacity. The speakers, sessions and vendors present at the Young Child Expo hope to provide these individuals with resources, products, and information to improve the growth, learning and development of the young children under their care. This is a unique event in that the sessions and events are not limited to one group of professionals, but rather individuals from all professions that interact with young children are welcomed to come and participate and learn.
The Young Child Expo and Conference began in 2003 as a development project out of Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education and the Los Ninos Services provided there. The goal was and is simple: provide useful information that can be used by professionals, parents, and other caregivers in order to help young children learn, grow and reach their full potential. This inclusive event aims to bring together individuals from all types of professions and occupations who have an interest and concern for the development of young children.
You can learn more information about the conference here.