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Universal Preschool Rollout Hits Snag Over Background Checks

September 19, 2016
AccessUniversal and Targeted
Tiffany Danitz Pache
VT Digger

Some children eligible for the first year of state-funded pre-kindergarten might not be able to start on time because of questions about who is responsible for overseeing security checks on private preschool providers.
Some providers didn’t finish the needed security checks by the start of the school year. Superintendents have been warned by their trade associations not to pay those providers for care given through the new statewide voucher system, despite assurances from the administration that districts are not in legal jeopardy for doing so.

State officials couldn’t say how widespread the problem with security checks may be.

The new pre-K program provides parents with vouchers they can use at any private or public prekindergarten, and the money comes out of the budget in the school district where they reside.