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There’s a compelling reason to spend more on quality preschool in Cuyahoga County – it works

September 8, 2017
Brent Larkin

CLEVELAND — If Greater Cleveland’s leaders can find $70 million in tax revenue to remodel an arena, they can find enough to save the lives of at-risk children.

The controversial renovation plan for Quicken Loans Arena poses the biggest test yet of this community’s priorities. With the people in power having made the arena makeover one of their highest priorities, we’ll soon find out if they are prepared to make the most important investment any community can make in its future.

History advises caution, but some early signs are encouraging.

Among elected, corporate and civic leaders, there is a growing commitment to break the four-generation cycle of poverty that so weighs down Cleveland and large segments of the inner-ring suburbs — places where an astonishing number of children are born into circumstances that make success in life borderline impossible.