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Study: Preschoolers With TV In Bedroom More Likely To Have Weight Problems, Poor Social Skills

August 9, 2019
John Anderer
Study Finds

Young children, specifically around the ages of four or five, can be a handful to say the least. Preschool aged children are full of energy and curiosity, which often leads to bewildered parents placing their kids in front of the TV so they can take a much needed break. It may be tempting for parents to install a TV in their children’s bedrooms as well, but a new study finds that too much time in front of a bedroom TV can lead to a multitude of problems later on in a child’s life.

According to researchers from the University of Montreal, a TV in the bedroom of a preschool aged child can discourage other, more productive developmental activities. Children at this age should be making important physical and social explorations and developments, but if they are cooped up in their bedroom all day and night watching TV, it can seriously hamper their mental and physical growth. This can consequently lead to poor diet, weight problems, and social issues later on in adolescence.