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Should kindergartners be taught to love testing?

January 15, 2016
AssessmentOutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Valerie Strauss
The Washington Post

Kindergarten readiness tests are nothing new. What is is the ever-increasing focus on turning kindergarten, and now preschool, into academic environments with the aim of ensuring that children can read by the time they are in first grade. In fact, kindergarten is the new first grade when it comes to academics.

Saxton and Rupley wrote in their piece that the results of the testing of the kindergartners in Oregon “provide a sobering snapshot of the skills our children possess as they enter kindergarten.”

The following post is something of a follow-up to exactly where we are with kindergarten testing. Not only are kindergartners inundated with tests in many schools, but, they are, in some places, being taught to “love” testing.  A teacher in Chicago wrote a piece for Catalyst Chicago titled, “How Bailey Reimer’s kindergartners came to love testing.” No, this isn’t a piece of satire, or, at least, there is no indication that it is.