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Putting Kids First

August 16, 2002
AccessQuality and CurriculumUniversal and Targeted
Jill Stewart
New Times Los Angeles

Finally, a government initiative that makes sense - and we've got Meathead to thank for it.

Director Rob Reiner, his aide former L.A. deputy mayor Ben Austin, a handful of child advocates and two county commissioners who help oversee the 1998 Proposition 10 tobacco tax monies — Beth Lowe and Maria Veloz — convinced the L.A. County Prop. 10 Commission, which controls the funds, to create the region’s first-ever universal preschool for disadvantaged kids. Specifically, the preschool money will be used to fill huge gaps in a number of disparate state and federal preschool programs, extending them from half days to full days, vastly expanding their locations and availability, training teachers, creating curriculum standards and raising the level of care in currently uneven and often unreliable family-based preschools.