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Preschool teacher wages

February 25, 2016
Kiya Edwards

– As preschool teachers oversee the development of dozens of kids each day, many are struggling to feed their own families. A 2014 Center for the Study of Child Care Employment report found preschool teachers typically make just $6 an hour more than fast-food workers, and a new report from the National Association for the Education of Young Children shows many people think preschool teachers deserve more pay. So we checked in on some of our local teachers to see if what’s happening across the country could be the case here at home.

Sarah Jecks teaches at George O. Barr, a Silvis public school. She says when kids start preschool, they don’t know it all. “The skills that they bring in are just language,” Jecks said, “and a giant curiosity for anything and everything.” By kindergarten, they usually know a lot more.