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Preschool Offers Barter Program to Help Parents Offset Tuition Costs

May 31, 2016
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Carolina Pichardo
DNA Info

A local preschool’s work-study grant program lets parents barter their skills for a preschool tuition break, making the process of going back to work a lot easier and more affordable, its director says.

When the Osher Learning Center on 50 Overlook Terrace opened in 2011, the goal was to provide an affordable and nurturing educational environment, where kids learned everything from music, science and art in a “homeschool setting,” said director Elisheva Kirschenbaum. 

Kirschenbaum said she started Osher, which means joy, rich and wealth in Hebrew, to help parents find a balance between working, supporting their kids and being a part of a community. 

“Our approach is to involve the community,” Kirschenbaum said. “When [the kids are] happy, they remember what they learn and that is our goal.”

Kirschenbaum said that, in addition to her, the preschool has another staffed teacher for the 9 students, although several parents contribute what they know to enrich the curriculum and offset the cost of tuition.