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Preschool, child care centers scramble as key funding source ends in LA

June 29, 2016
Economics and Finance
Dorlan Merina

More than 260 preschool and child care centers in L.A. County are losing a key funding source this month, sending teachers, parents and providers scrambling to fill the gap.

The loss of funds is not a surprise. It’s the result of an expiring contract between the non-profit Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) — which funds the programs — and the group First 5 L.A., which allocates money from California’s Prop 10 tobacco tax. 

The preschools and child care centers had been receiving funds from the contract for more than a decade. Now there’s uncertainty about whether some will stay open.

“It becomes an economic impact,” said Celia Ayala, CEO of LAUP. “Not only for the future of the children, but for the future of many people who work in early care and education.”