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Pre-K funding leads as hot topic in NJ gubernatorial race

September 7, 2017
Brenda Flanagan

Advocates for Children of New Jersey‘s CEO and Executive Director Cecilia Zalkind sent questionnaires to New Jersey’s candidates for governor asking how they’d handle preschool expansion, among other issues.

“The exciting thing to me is that they’re all committed to preschool,” said Zalkind.

Pre-K’s a hot topic in the current race, and everybody answering the questionnaire wants more preschool.

“I think they have different approaches as to how it’s going to be funded,” she said.

Currently, 40,000 kids attend publicly-funded preschool in 35 districts, and a recent $25 million appropriation will extend pre-K programs to at least 19 more districts this year. It’s not cheap. So, Zalkind applauded Democrat Phil Murphy’s statement to “support the expansion of pre-K statewide, and work to move toward universal access.”