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What is the market price of daycare and preschool?

April 20, 2018
Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst

How much do parents spend on center-based daycare and preschool for their young children?  In other words, what is the market price of these services?  The answer is important for parents, government, policymakers, and providers. Using nationally representative data from the 2016 Early Childhood Program Participation Survey I calculate hourly and annualized prices for parents…

Quantity over quality in growth of pre-K programs in California (and the US)

April 19, 2018
Priska Neely

More state leaders are taking note of the benefits of early childhood education and putting more funding into preschool programs, but the quality of those programs isn’t keeping pace with the quantity. That’s the story in California and across the United States, according to the latest  State of Preschool report  released Wednesday. Each year, the National Institute for Early Education…

How Child Care Enriches Mothers, and Especially the Sons They Raise

April 19, 2018
Claire Cain Miller

As many American parents know, hiring care for young children during the workday is punishingly expensive, costing the typical family about a third of its income. Helping parents pay for that care would be expensive for society, too. Yet recent studies show that of any policy aimed to help struggling families, aid for high-quality care…

Quality Preschools Set Kids Up For Success. The Trump Administration Wants to Gut Their Funding.

April 18, 2018
Kiera Butler

The number of American children enrolled in publicly funded preschools is growing—but states are spending less per child than they were 15 years ago, and the Trump Administration hopes to slash federal funding aimed at getting more disadvantaged kids into preschool. That’s a big problem, say the authors of a new Rutgers University  report . Abundant…

Colorado’s state preschool program doesn’t serve English learners well, report finds

April 18, 2018
Ann Schimke

Colorado’s public preschool program fails to meet most targets for effectively serving young English learners, according to a new state-by-state report released today. Besides having just two of nine recommended policies in place for serving such youngsters, Colorado also doesn’t know how many of the 22,000 preschoolers in its state-funded slots speak a home language…

More Children Enrolled in Pre-K, But Few States Meet All Benchmarks, Report Says

April 18, 2018
Marva Hinton

More young children are enrolled in state-funded early-childhood education programs across the country, the National Institute for Early Education Research says in its latest annual report, but only Alabama, Michigan, and Rhode Island meet all of the organization’s new benchmarks for quality. This year’s “State of Preschool Yearbook,” which covers the 2016-17 school year, focuses…

‘Millions missing out’: aid fails to make the grade on early years education

April 17, 2018
Rebecca Ratcliffe

Just 1% of international aid dedicated to young children’s development is being targeted on pre-school education, according to a report that warns spending is imbalanced and short-sighted. While global funding for early childhood development has grown in recent years, almost all of this investment – 95% – has been channelled towards health and nutrition initiatives….

Study: Preschool, day care not asthma triggers

April 17, 2018

Breathe easy, Mom and Dad. Sending your young children to preschool or day care probably won’t increase their risk of developing asthma. In fact, researchers report, it may help protect your kids against the respiratory disease. Investigators at the University of California, San Francisco based that conclusion on an analysis of 32 studies published between…

Montana partners with private providers in trial run of publicly funded preschool

April 17, 2018
Matt Hoffman

Kountry Kare sticks out along Highway 312, where the suburbs of Billings give way to ranches. There’s clearly demand in the area for child care; two other providers dot the road to nearby Shepherd High School. The private child care facility has rated in Montana’s preschool quality ranking system for years. But it’s now one…

Rating Program Quality for Dual Language Learners in Early Ed

April 16, 2018
Janie T. Carnock

In addition to tracking the enrollment of DLLs in public early care and education (ECE)—as explored in the  previous blog  of this series—state leaders should also collect data on the quality of ECE programs serving DLLs. Indeed, it is not enough to increase DLL access to ECE generally; DLLs need access to high-quality services in order to…