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Recent early education news and updates

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The economics of caring: KIDS COUNT speaker says ‘there is a great return on investment in kids’

February 5, 2018
Marie Johnson

There was a well-known experiment in the late 1960s that tested kids’ self-control by giving them the choice to eat one marshmallow right away, or two marshmallows if they could wait 15 minutes. During the wait, each child was left alone in a room with nothing to do but think about the marshmallow in front…

Little Children, Big Returns

February 5, 2018

Early childhood education, daycare, Pre-K, preschool… no matter what you call it, it needs to be high quality. And what is stopping Indiana families from sending thr young children to a high quality day care? Cost. With no state funding for preschool education, the cost to parents is astronomical. “Typically, childcare is the largest monthly…

CCSSO, Eight Chiefs Launch Pre-K Network

February 2, 2018
Mel Leonor

The Council of Chief State School Officers, or CCSSO, is launching an initiative with eight states to boost access to high-quality early learning programs. The Promoting High-Quality Pre-kindergarten network will be led by Mississippi State Superintendent Carey Wright, who has led that  state’s push  to implement statewide pre-kindergarten programs. — “Early childhood education is going to be the…

If Students Have a Right to Preschool, Why Aren’t Their Teachers Paid the Same as Others?

February 2, 2018
Derek Black

“We still treat preschool teachers like babysitters. We want them to ameliorate poverty even as they live in it themselves.” A decade ago, James Ryan  argued  that state constitutional rights to education should include access to preschool. Given what we know about brain development, access to high quality education opportunities at an early age is crucial….

When School Choice Is Too Little, Too Late

February 2, 2018
Katharine B. Stevens

For decades, we’ve relied on the K–12 public schools to ensure opportunity for all children and to develop strong future generations of Americans. Yet despite years of “school reform” along with much-increased spending, achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged children have remained persistently large. Indeed, growing armies of school reformers agree on just one thing:…

Project training preschool teachers to boost kids’ literacy expands to more classrooms

February 1, 2018
Brendan M. Lynch

LAWRENCE —  In classrooms around the Kansas City metropolitan area, literacy coaches are teaming up with more teachers in preschool settings to increase and improve children’s engagement with evidence-based literacy activities and foster growth in pre-literacy skills. After four years as a pilot program, the Literacy 3D program of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at…

Early-Childhood Program Linked to College Success

February 1, 2018
Grace Bird

Inner-city children who participated in an intensive childhood education program in Chicago from preschool to third grade were more likely to get a college degree than their peers who did not, according to a  study  published Monday by the National Institutes of Health. For 30 years, researchers followed two groups of children who received different levels…

Report: Southern states need to pick up the pace in closing achievement gaps

January 31, 2018
Linda Jacobson

States in the Southeast have made significant strides in improving public education, and many parts of the region are thriving economically. But residents still see wide disparities in educational quality and opportunity for students across their states and even within the same districts, according to a  report  released today by a network of Southern state-based organizations…

NYC’s Homeless Pre-K Kids with Special Needs Face Steep Barriers to Getting Help

January 31, 2018
Patrick Donachie

Young students and committed teachers fill the classrooms and hallways of the  Grand Street Settlement ‘s preschool, located on the bottom floor of a building in NYCHA’s Baruch Houses complex on the Lower East Side. Schools like this are critical to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endeavor to expand pre-K access to all New York City children. However, the…

Coaches in the classroom: How Colorado preschools are upping their teaching game

January 31, 2018
Ann Schimke

Teacher Sandi Polasek was startled by the feedback she received after a classroom coach watched her hold a reluctant toddler by the arm and guide him to the bathroom. “I want to let you know the way you were holding his arm wasn’t really respectful of him as a person,” the coach told her later….