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State budget deficit challenges preschool funding

January 3, 2003

Indiana P-16 program to be costly

Kids Left Waiting for Preschool

January 3, 2003
Helen Gao

Only $2.2 million spent of $15 million earmarked

Quality preschool education pays off long-term, study says

December 24, 2002 Economics and Finance

Every dollar paid to provide young children with high-quality, full-day, year-round preschool generates a 4 return to the children, their families and all taxpayers, according to findings the National Institute for Early Education Research recently released. The study, released by NIEER at the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in New York,…

Letter to the Editor: Can Maryland Close the Achievement Gap?

December 24, 2002 Outcomes
Mark K. Shriver

Yes. The answer is to create and fund universal public preschool programs.

Early childhood education edges to the forefront

December 23, 2002
Martha Raffaele

Pennsylvania Governor-elect faces funding challenge

Father Knew Best: A Top Preschool Costs $

December 18, 2002
Judith S. Bloch

While Grubman’s methods certainly were questionable, his concern was right on target. He understood the value of a good early educational start.

New approach: Learn, don’t just play, in preschool

December 17, 2002
Leslie Postal

Tucked behind the worn buildings is a Head Start center with a literacy curriculum that gives kids an academic jump start. Rather than focus on boosting a youngster’s health and development — the traditional bedrock of federally funded Head Start — this center teaches very young children the building blocks of reading.

Grant to help send almost 600 children to free pre-K

December 17, 2002
Ann Doss Helms

Money will add seats and train teachers in More at Four program

South Carolina gets tips for improving child care

December 16, 2002
Joseph S. Stroud

Advocacy group finds state has work to do, suggests steps to raise standards

Funding, teacher pay, early-childhood ed unfulfilled goals

December 15, 2002
Andy Kanengiser

Mississippi’s education priorities for the new year are perennial concerns: boosting school budgets and teacher pay and preparing children early to learn once they hit kindergarten.