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Tutoring Gives Pupils an Edge . . . for Preschool

July 31, 2002
Marek Fuchs

Aiming to give their young children a jump-start on their academic experience, parents are having them work with private tutors. The goal is to have the children enter school with a toehold on reading.

Louisiana Program Targets 6,000 Preschoolers

July 30, 2002 State & Local
Ed Anderson

Good start for many students, governor says

NC Senate Candidate Stresses Early Education

July 29, 2002 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Mark Johnson

Former Gov. Hunt Joins Candidate at Wilson Day Care

Opinion: The Motherhood Issue

July 26, 2002 Quality and Curriculum
E. J. Dionne Jr.

Respected scholars at Columbia University found that children whose mothers worked 30 hours or more by the time the kids were 9 months old got lower scores on the tests than comparably placed kids whose moms didn’t work outside the home. But the study also found the quality of outside child care can make a…

Editorial: Governor Easley’s preemptive move to boost education funding is a dramatic, and appropriate, response to a judge’s order

July 26, 2002 Economics and FinanceState & Local

As legislators ponder and ponder and ponder some more on how to close a $1.5 billion shortfall in the state budget, a more immediate deadline looms: A judicial order to answer the needs of children at risk of failure in the state’s public schools. Governor Easley on Wednesday offered his answer in the form of…

Welfare Study Finds Big Need for Child Care

July 24, 2002
Carla Rivera

Welfare recipients in Los Angeles County say inadequate and expensive child care is the major impediment to getting and keeping a job, according to a large-scale study released Tuesday (July 23) by county officials. The study, “Running Out of Time: Voices of Parents Struggling to Move from Welfare to Work,” was commissioned by the Los…

Private day care cries foul

July 23, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Michelle Krupa

Public preschools not ready, they say

Spending Up, but California Lacks Day Care

July 22, 2002 AccessEconomics and FinanceUniversal and Targeted
Barbara Whitaker

Although spending for child care has nearly quadrupled since 1996 in California, only one in seven parents is able to find a preschool or center-based care in the state, according to a study released Friday. Policy Analysis for California Education, a university-based independent research center, found that despite a $12 billion investment since 1996, which…

A Child Study Is a Peek. It’s Not the Whole Picture

July 21, 2002 Outcomes
Tamar Lewin

Last week, in Child Development, the journal of the Society for Research in Child Development, a group of respected Columbia University researchers reported that children whose mothers worked more than 30 hours a week by the time they were 9 months old got lower scores on school readiness tests at age 3. For all the…

Shortage of Preschools in Southland Grows

July 19, 2002
Pat Berman

The availability of space in quality child-care centers is shrinking in some of California’s major urban areas, as the growing population of children outstrips efforts to increase access, according to a new study by University of California and Stanford researchers. The report focuses on the availability of preschools and child-care centers as opposed to home-based…