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Column: It’s elementary: Accountability key for pre-K

December 15, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Myriam Marquez

There are established national benchmarks that put accountability into preschool learning. Those are the benchmarks that distinguish between real learning and passive caring.

Coughlin cosponsors early education bill

December 13, 2002
Peter Hartzel

Massachusetts State Rep.-elect Bob Coughlin has signed on as a cosponsor of legislation aimed at making full-day kindergarten available across the state. The stated 10-year goals of the Early Education for All bill include ensuring that every preschool-age child has a high-quality education staffed by trained educators and delivered through the existing mixed system of…

Report faults region’s early education

December 12, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Carmen J. Lee

A regional education agency has once again criticized the lack of quality instruction for younger children in southwestern Pennsylvania. In its fourth annual “state of education” report for the region, the Education Policy & Issues Center also linked inconsistent early childhood education to the lackluster academic performance of many students later in school.

Preschool push

December 12, 2002 State & Local
Jim Sanders

The learning curve may begin soon after diapers

Gold Seal graduates certified child care professionals

December 12, 2002
Alan D. Johnson

By the end of 2003, more than half of the preschools in South Sarasota County are expected to hold top national ratings. The research shows that when young children receive nurturing care in small groups from well-trained teachers, their mothers are able to find better-paying jobs and earn more in their lifetimes.

Editorial: Why Children Need a Head Start

December 11, 2002
Donald V. Torr and Peter J. Pizzolongo

Clearly, Head Start is working. If the administrators of the Montgomery County public school system cannot put the necessary priority on funding for Head Start (perhaps because, say, roads are more important), then they should just say that.

Early Years

December 11, 2002 Economics and Finance
Linda Jacobson

A Good Return

Napolitano seeks help from businesses to fund pre-school, child care

December 10, 2002
Howard Fischer

Arizona businesses need to pony up cash and resources if they want to improve child care and preschool programs, Janet Napolitano said Monday. The governor elect said it is clear that making sure kids are ready to learn by the time they hit kindergarten pays off in the long run.

Clarke promises nursery places for all 3-year-olds

December 10, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Tony Halpin

Nursery places will be provided next year for every three-year-old whose parents want one, under spending plans announced by Charles Clarke yesterday. The Education Secretary said that £300 million would be transferred to local education authorities to create 250,000 new childcare places.

4-year-old Kindergarten Details Unveiled

December 10, 2002
Doug Erickson

Performance Committee Votes To Pursue The Idea, But Proposal Is Not Without Hurdles