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Speaker Wields Preschool Education as a Sword

March 4, 2003
Winnie Hu

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s weapon of choice this year is preschool education, and he is using it to attack his political rival, Gov. George E. Pataki, at every turn.

Getting a head start on kindergarten

March 4, 2003 OutcomesState & Local
Diane D’Amico

Preschool was a focal point of the Abbott v. Burke legal decision, which designated 30 urban school districts for special state assistance. A Rutgers study found children in urban districts who did not attend preschool arrived in kindergarten developmentally as much as 18 months behind their peers.

Editorial: Fed block grants require more voter responsibility

March 3, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

The primary question is: At what level of government are the best decisions about what’s good for the citizens of our states and communities made? The answer, we feel, is at the level that is closest to the people who will be most affected. That is why the concept of including Head Start, Title I,…

Early Childhood Development: Economic Development with a High Public Return

March 3, 2003 Economics and Finance
Art Rolnick and Rob Grunewald

The quality of life for a child and the contributions the child makes to society as an adult can be traced back to the first few years of life. [S]tudies find that well-focused investments in early childhood development yield high public as well as private returns.

Teachers give pre-K classes an A, but N.J. wants to dig a little deeper

March 2, 2003 AssessmentState & Local
Toni Callas

It has been five years since the state Supreme Court mandated that the governor provide for preschool programs in 30 special-needs districts. So this year, the New Jersey Department of Education is developing a plan to assess what has been called the most ambitious and expensive preschool program in the country, education experts said.

Pre-k program could face hard lesson in economics

March 2, 2003
Patti Ghezzi

For all its popularity, an air of financial uncertainty is hanging over Georgia’s pre-k program and its higher-profile cousin, the HOPE scholarship.

New start for Head Start?

March 2, 2003
Steven Ward

A proposal to focus a longtime preschool program more on literacy, academic aspects and accountability has some in Louisiana worried that social and emotional facets will be de-emphasized.

Most of state’s child-care centers bad to so-so

March 2, 2003 Quality and Curriculum
Dean Mosiman and Sandra Kallio

One of every nine child-care centers in Wisconsin is awful, and most of the rest are just mediocre, according to the latest research. Child-care advocates, however, say the budget cuts would make it harder for parents to find good-quality child care.

Child care work varies

March 2, 2003 Workforce
Aïssatou Sidimé

Child care is one of the few fields in which a worker can start with a high school diploma or GED so long as he or she enrolls in at least a child development associate degree (CDA) program offered by community colleges. But pay varies widely depending on a worker’s training.

Child care initiative gets funding

March 2, 2003
Becky Waldrop

County Cares will pay stipends and give scholarships to child care providers who seek training through professional development courses offered at Linn-Benton Community College.