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Fitchburg early childhood ed chief opposes program cuts

March 26, 2003
Benjamin Cole

Through the Community Partnership Program, parents are able to choose a preschool in the city and pay the tuition based on a sliding scale according to the family income.

Grade goes up for Kansas City children, but budget cuts are a worry

March 25, 2003
Mara Rose Williams

The report card, released today, determines the well-being of children by looking at five benchmarks: safety and security, health, early education, education and teen years.

House turns down prekindergarten bill

March 25, 2003
Michael Rowett and Michael R. Wickline

The Arkansas House of Representatives rejected a bill Monday to mandate prekindergarten programs in school districts that are failing academically.

Early ed bill gets teachers’ nod

March 24, 2003
Patrice Sawyer

Legislation would create study of state preschool programs

Editorial: Education budgets / Cuts at the edges threaten core

March 24, 2003

Although Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he is trying to spare K-12 education from massive cuts, even some of the smaller ones will have an impact. Continued funding for early childhood education, for example, may be in jeopardy, yet studies show that preschool investments reap huge returns as students progress through school.

Editorial: Stand and deliver

March 24, 2003

Rendell and Pa. legislators must do just that to improve public education.

Picard: TOPS needs accountability

March 23, 2003
Will Sentell

Picard also contends that the state should move some of the money spent on the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students — known as TOPS — to help finance classes for 4-year-olds.

Preschool voucher program popular, growing

March 23, 2003
Aesha Rasheed

Educators, parents laud experiment

Counting the cost of childcare

March 21, 2003

So how are parents managing to juggle work with childcare? A lot are relying on a “patchwork of provision,” using a combination of childcare arrangements.

Govs Scramble For Soundbites To Decry Budget Crisis

March 21, 2003
Jason White

Many of them have been using near-apocalyptic rhetoric to brace constituents for painful solutions to the budget crunch, including tax hikes and cuts in spending on popular programs, such as education, healthcare, and even access to highway rest stops. Some experts say states could emerge from the crisis with different tax structures and scaled back…