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Recent early education news and updates

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Pre-K Enrollment Rises

October 17, 2002
Mike Hasten

Results of an Oct. 1 survey show enrollment in the state’s prekindergarten program LA 4 exceeded expectations, but demand for before- and afterschool care is less than expected.

Pennsylvania task force recommends investment in preschool

October 15, 2002

Gov. Mark Schweiker unveiled the findings of a report by the Governor’s Early Childhood Care and Education Task Force, charged with evaluating ways to improve educational opportunities for Pennsylvania’s children, even before they step foot in a classroom. The report – “Early Care and Education: The Keystone of Pennsylvania’s Future” – details research findings and…

Editorial: It’s preschool education, stupid

October 14, 2002

Why, if we know how important it is to begin preschool education for 3- and 4-year-olds, is it not available to all parents? Because it is not seen as a responsibility of government, someone needs to explain why it should be now, to step up and spearhead an effort to help taxpayers understand that this…

Ballot proposal would require pre-K for 4-year-olds

October 13, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Susan Wright

Like many other parents in Florida, [Candice] Westbrook plans to vote Nov. 5 for a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution that would require the state to provide access to preschool programs for all 4-year-olds. In Volusia and Flagler counties, some children’s advocates and early childhood education proponents aren’t so sure.

A push for preschool for all

October 11, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Katherine Corcoran

Packard Foundation wants to make state model for nation

Improved preschool tied to better workforce later

October 10, 2002
Lori Olszewski

Business groups say U.S. lacks enough programs

Day Care Teachers Threaten Strike

October 9, 2002 Economics and FinanceWorkforce
Michael Wilson

Workers who care for 60,000 children in New York City-sponsored day care have threatened to strike later this month because they have been unable to get a new contract. The city has said it does not have the money for pay raises, since it anticipates a $5 billion budget gap.

First Lady Urges Parents to Read to Children

October 9, 2002
Dawn Miller

The first lady of West Virginia speaks to parents about the importance of reading to children, starting at an early age.

Smart Start is helping build better child care, reducing turnover

October 9, 2002 OutcomesWorkforce
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbel

The United Way says that high staff turnover in early-childhood education centers is detrimental to children’s ability to establish positive and secure bonds with their caregivers. That, in turn, can have a negative impact on their development.

U.S. Grant to Evaluate Child Care Program

October 9, 2002

U.S. federal grant will help Rhode Island to make informed decisions about its childcare program.