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Parents Urged to Enroll Children in Pre-Kindergarten Classes

March 20, 2003
Justin Blum

District officials are urging parents to enroll 3- and 4-year-olds in early childhood programs as soon as possible so they can better plan for how many children to accommodate. Citing research showing the benefits of early childhood education, School Superintendent Paul L. Vance said at a news conference last week that more parents should take…

Senate committee again rejects equalizing lottery scholarships

March 20, 2003
Richard Locker

But the committee also voted to channel any excess lottery revenue into a pre-kindergarten, early childhood education program designed to help disadvantaged children get better prepared for school.

A Pervasive Dismay on a Bush School Law

March 19, 2003 AssessmentGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Michael Winerip

Michael Sentance, the Department of Education’s Northeast representative, sat before Vermont’s joint House-Senate committee on education not long ago, defending the No Child Left Behind Act, and sustained two hours of hammering by Republicans and Democrats alike. How do you defend a law that is likely to result in 85 percent of public schools in…

Early education needs funding

March 17, 2003
Craig Boerner

Dr. Douglas Wood, executive director of the Tennessee State Board of Education, is pushing for a portion of anticipated lottery revenues to support early childhood education.

Editorial: Bush’s education cuts counterproductive

March 17, 2003

As part of his budget, President Bush has proposed big changes in Head Start, the federal pre-school program, and substantial cuts in after-school and vocational education. While no one can plausibly deny that illiteracy is a huge problem, these proposals seem to be working against themselves.

Head Start changes feared

March 17, 2003
Carla Crowder

State leaders say Bush's plan may shift program's foundation for family

Editorial: State’s early kindergarten students reap many rewards

March 16, 2003
Elizabeth Burmaster

That is why we must continue to provide our youngest children with every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Preschool of Thought

March 16, 2003
Verne Gay

With shows like 'The Wiggles,' Blue's Clues' and 'Dora the Explorer,' it's a new, interactive day in the neighborhood on toddler TV

Editorial: The Education Sellout

March 15, 2003

George Bush promised to revolutionize public education when he signed the No Child Left Behind Act last year. But his failure to finance the law properly has discouraged recession-strapped states from embracing it fully.

State cuts hit elderly, kids

March 15, 2003
Richard Locker

Services helped with care, jobs