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Recent early education news and updates

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Editorial: Early education / Study reinforces need to invest

March 7, 2003

[S]tudies underscore the urgent need to improve and expand preschool learning — both for the students themselves and society in general. Although some attention has been focused on preschool learning, government, schools, businesses and nonprofits must do more to support early education.

Rowland vows state will be 1st to take over Head Start

March 7, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Lolita C. Baldor

Gov. John G. Rowland sparred with members of Congress Thursday over President Bush’s proposal for states to take over the Head Start programs, and he vowed that Connecticut would be the first to take on the challenge. “Head Start is a great program, we can make it better,” Rowland told members of the House Education…

Budget ax spares schools

March 6, 2003
Chris Christoff and Dawson Bell

$6,700-per-pupil minimum reached via lottery plans, other cuts

Easley balances budget with cuts

March 6, 2003
Sharif Durhams

Plan gives some raises and boosts education but delays tax breaks

Editorial: Pawlenty budget cuts would inflict real pain

March 6, 2003
Deborah Locke

He wants to cut $10.8 million from the early childhood family education fund that annually serves 300,000 Minnesota families.

Lottery funding for preschool pushed

March 5, 2003
Bonna de la Cruz

Gov. Phil Bredesen said yesterday that he probably will not intervene in the legislature, where creating a state lottery has bogged down, but said he will continue to push for certain aspects including setting aside some money for early childhood development programs. The constitutional amendment that voters approved in November said that any “excess” after…

Quality child care aids success

March 5, 2003 OutcomesState & Local
Tim Simmons

A study of Smart Start finds children in top preschools more ready for kindergarten

Getting a head start on kindergarten

March 4, 2003 OutcomesState & Local
Diane D’Amico

Preschool was a focal point of the Abbott v. Burke legal decision, which designated 30 urban school districts for special state assistance. A Rutgers study found children in urban districts who did not attend preschool arrived in kindergarten developmentally as much as 18 months behind their peers.

Speaker Wields Preschool Education as a Sword

March 4, 2003
Winnie Hu

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s weapon of choice this year is preschool education, and he is using it to attack his political rival, Gov. George E. Pataki, at every turn.

The Montessori Mystique

March 4, 2003
Elizabeth Agnvall

How to know if the early-childhood teaching method is right for your child