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Conditions improve for Ohio’s children

June 11, 2003
Margo Rutledge Kissell

But state falls behind in national rankings

Researchers verify reading ability gets a boost from phonics

June 10, 2003
George Archibald

The study, just published by researchers of the National Institute for Early Education Research and Rutgers University in New Jersey, re-examined findings of the National Reading Panel (NRP) in 2000. The study, titled “Teaching Children To Read: The Fragile Link Between Science and Federal Education Policy,” also confirmed the NRP’s finding that children’s reading ability…

Early start to close learning gap

June 9, 2003
Jonathan D. Rockoff

Schools: Baltimore County has joined the nationwide push to teach reading and other skills to children who don't get the basics at home.

Sparks Fly Over States’ Role In Head Start

June 9, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Pamela M. Prah

Among the most controversial aspects of the House GOP measure is the idea of allowing states to combine their pre-school and child care programs with Head Start. [The House plan] dropped the idea of moving the Head Start program from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Education, which many groups…

At-risk children may get state aid

June 8, 2003
Jan Murphy

Lawmakers consider proposals to expand preschool education

Cuts Shrink Head Start Services

June 8, 2003
Catherine Candisky

Program might lose a third of state-funded slots for poor children

Doyle blasts cuts to K-4

June 7, 2003
Sarah Carr and Jesse Garza

If Legislature OKs $46 million reduction in kindergarten spending, governor says, he'll veto it

Poll examines universal preschool and its costs

June 7, 2003
Natalie Missakian

Proponents talk about the long-term benefits of access to high-quality preschool, from better scores on standardized tests to lower dropout rates and fewer adults in prison.

Low-income aid surplus running low

June 6, 2003
Marsha Shuler

The state has been using a surplus of federal TANF money to fund programs, and now it’s running out.

Editorial: If child care is so good, why not pay for it?

June 4, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomes

Law enforcement officials in California … acknowledge that effectively caring for children and offering nurturing after-school programs not only help the children in learning and achievement, but they prevent crime. But try getting them to pay for it.