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Recent early education news and updates

In the News

City looks to Smart Start to discourage crime early

June 29, 2003 Outcomes
Dana Clark Felty, Morris News Service

Many think there is a strong connection between crime and education, or rather the lack of it. Some think that means an early start on education makes especially good sense here.

Do the Kids Count?

June 29, 2003
Krista Pierce

Study: State, area lagging in child wellness

Law pushes child care costs to breaking point for parents

June 29, 2003
Amy Ritchart

More caregivers will force centers to reduce rolls or raise charges

Painful cuts avoided, but state budget still stings

June 29, 2003 Economics and FinanceState & Local
Karin Miller, The Associated Press

Instead of abolishing any of the 150 pre-K programs, the Tennessee Education Department plans to spread $6 million in state funds among them all so they can continue operating, albeit on a shoestring budget. Local governments may pick up some slack and the state may relax some rules so the classes can operate more cheaply….

Pre-K providers say program gets children ready for school

June 29, 2003
Jeff Gill

Pre-kindergarten isn’t child care – it features a variety of instructional plans.

State Head Start leaders hold their breath

June 29, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Melissa Ludwig

White House wants to transform education program, and Texas might be among the first

First Steps budget woes cut prekindergarten classes

June 28, 2003 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Jennifer Holland, The Associated Press

First Steps, which had helped school districts create more prekindergarten classes for more than 3,000 of the neediest children the past few years, faces steep spending cuts. Despite the program’s success, 4-year-old kindergarten classes are too expensive to fund and First Steps officials say they are targeting their efforts toward younger children and parenting classes….

Opinion: Adequacy in Education: Why Is Clear. But How?

June 28, 2003 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Peter Schrag

In the New York case, the Court of Appeals ruled that inadequate financing by the state was depriving students of an adequate education. It makes clear that good schooling is ultimately a state responsibility, no matter how inadequate the funds from local taxpayers or how mismanaged a local district may be.

Parents voice opinions about all-day kindergarten

June 28, 2003
Cara Host

Governor Rendell’s education plan features all-day kindergarten as one of its main components.

Editorial: Fighting for Fairness at School

June 27, 2003 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local

More than 40 state governments have been sued for failing to provide poor districts with enough money to educate their children up to the standards articulated in their state constitutions. New York joined the list yesterday when the state’s highest court ruled that the government was constitutionally responsible for revising the school financing formula in…