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Schools hope state budget will provide some much-needed help

December 24, 2003 State & Local
Jane Elizabeth and Eleanor Chute

Less grandiose version still has possibilities

Making the leap

December 18, 2003 AccessOutcomesUniversal and Targeted
Laurel Rosen

Universal preschool pushed to help kids

Editorial: A solid start/Expand state’s commitment

December 16, 2003

Instead of struggling to play catch-up later on with older students, why not make sure all children get off to a solid start well before kindergarten?

Bush: Preschool cash is scarce

December 16, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & LocalWorkforce
Leslie Postal

Florida can’t afford to hire teachers with college degrees for its new pre-kindergarten program but still expects the classes to improve academic achievement, particularly among poor children who usually struggle, Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday. States need “top-notch programs,” perhaps ones that cost as much as public school kindergarten, if they want to close the…

Editorial: Good for business/A call for leadership on pre-K

December 15, 2003

If the business community wants state government to be an ally in the pursuit of prosperity, it should back efforts to get all young children ready for school.

Opinion: Google generation needs fun toys

December 14, 2003
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

I might seem passé, but I believe that the loss of creative thinking and play is a serious casualty of our modern times. Parents need to remember that the whole world is a virtual classroom and that play equals learning.

Guest Editorial: Ready to learn

December 14, 2003 Economics and Finance
Rob Grunewald and Art Rolnick

The benefits are real, however, when funds are invested in early childhood development (ECD). Research shows that such programs can yield extraordinary economic returns.

Guest Editorial: Florida shows the way on the value of pre-K

December 14, 2003 AccessOutcomesState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
David Lawrence Jr.

Beginning in the 2005 school year, Florida will become the second state in America to offer voluntary, high-quality prekindergarten to every 4-year-old. Do this right, and we will have children who perform far better in grade-school testing and, indeed, life.

David P. Weikart, 72, Education Expert, Dies

December 14, 2003 Outcomes
Douglas Martin

A study by the foundation Dr. Weikart founded, High/Scope Educational Research Foundation in Ypsilanti, Mich., has played a large role in debates about Head Start and other early childhood programs for a generation. In 1962, in what was known as the Perry Preschool Project, Dr. Weikart took 123 low-income 3- and 4-year-olds and placed 58…

Commentary: At age 10, Michael was already giving up

December 14, 2003
Dave Hage

A recent survey by the Minnesota Department of Education found that fewer than half of the state’s kindergarten students arrived proficient, for their age, in math, literacy or social development. Steven Barnett, an early-childhood scholar at Rutgers University, says that even among middle-class kids, one in five will repeat a grade before they finish school…