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Recent early education news and updates

In the News

Lawmakers to tackle budget, slots, malpractice this month

June 2, 2003
John Gentzel

One way Governor Ed Rendell anticipates raising money to pay for early childhood education is by placing slot machines at several racetracks throughout Pennsylvania.

Big money, small gains at low-income schools

June 1, 2003
Jason Method

Since the 1990 state Supreme Court decision, which ordered the state to keep school funding in the Abbott districts on par with wealthy districts, spending in the poorest districts has escalated rapidly.

Cutbacks in Head Start feared

May 30, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Felicia Thomas-Lynn

Plan calls for new academic standards, state control

Column: Price for not preventing child abuse is high and long-lasting

May 29, 2003 Outcomes
Marjie Lundstrom

Most child abuse and neglect in high-risk families, the researchers conclude, can be prevented — if we’re willing to make the investment. Among the group’s recommendations are two potent prevention tactics for California: securing quality pre-kindergarten programs with additional parent training, and coaching at-risk parents in parenting skills.

Windfall from feds to revamp budget

May 28, 2003
Jan Moller

House bill to account for new $289 million

Barriers to early childhood education

May 27, 2003
Jennifer Lawson

Every year educators see kindergarten students coming to school with huge variations in their readiness to learn. Tradition and a history of well-intentioned, but wrong beliefs about how children learn have slowed the pre-kindergarten education movement, education officials say.

Colorado cuts cash for kids

May 26, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Janet Simons and Alison Glass

State, once a pioneer for preschools, now 'completely bypassed'

Head Start leaders worry about program’s future

May 24, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Donna Callea

The legislation, based on a plan proposed by the Bush administration, calls for putting more emphasis on the educational aspects of the program, which some say have not met expectations.

GOP Acts to Remake Head Start

May 23, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Amy Goldstein

Bill Would Reduce Federal Role in Favor of State Standards

Taft Wants To Put Off Redesigning Head Start

May 23, 2003
Catherine Candisky

Ohio Governor Bob Taft’s administration now wants to delay implementation of a revamped Head Start program that would eliminate 4,000 children from the rolls.