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Pre-K classes could be slashed

December 10, 2003 Economics and FinanceState & Local
Will Sentell

State budget woes may eliminate program

Pre-K budget worries critics

December 10, 2003
Leslie Postal

Florida’s “universal” pre-kindergarten program won’t begin for two years, but public school officials already fear it will be run on the cheap.

Head Start sees losses to day care, drop in poverty

December 8, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Cheryl Wetzstein

Federal rules for Head Start require that the $6.7 billion program have full — 100 percent — enrollment, and last year there were 912,000 low-income children enrolled in 2,500 Head Start centers. However, there are persistent reports that many Head Start centers are “underenrolled,” Democrat Reps. George Miller and Adam B. Schiff of California and…

Editorial: No need to nit-pick Head Start

December 6, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

As nasty as the battle over Head Start grew this summer, it has grown even more heated as winter approaches. Without a doubt, the federal government should strengthen its oversight of Head Start spending, but individual transgressions should not pull politicians’ – or the public’s – attention from the need to pass this long-delayed measure,…

State withdraws plans to change special education eligibility criteria

December 3, 2003
Brian Hoener

The early childhood special education program for preschoolers serves about 10,000 children statewide at a cost of about $99 million.

Pre-K council submits report

December 3, 2003 AccessState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Diane Hirth

Universal program a challenge to fund, accredit

HHS Report Finds States Increasing Pre-Kindergarten Programs

December 3, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

The report, State Funded Pre-Kindergarten Programs: What the Evidence Shows, shows that while there is great variation across states, most state-funded pre-kindergarten programs meet widely accepted and research-based quality standards, offer key expanded services to meet children’s health and nutrition needs, and use a range of strategies to involve parents in their children’s education. The…

Opinion: Head Start Obligation Taken Seriously

December 1, 2003 AccessGovernance and AccountabilityState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Wade F. Horn

Far from abdicating federal oversight of the program, under the president’s plan, the federal government would have the responsibility to ensure that states operating under the state option continue to serve at least as many Head Start-eligible children with Head Start funds as are currently enrolled; to develop and implement standards that meet or exceed…

Editorial: Stalled Education Reforms

December 1, 2003

Study haul for senators

Editorial: Special-Interest School Tax

December 1, 2003

An idea this big — and a tax this big — should not be put on the ballot, take it or leave it, without a shred of public discussion or legislative debate.