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Recent early education news and updates

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Opinion: The Sons Also Rise

November 22, 2002
Paul Krugman

The spectacular increase in American inequality has made the gap between the rich and the middle class wider, and hence more difficult to cross, than it was in the past. Meanwhile, one key doorway to upward mobility – a good education system, available to all – has been closing.

The Best Investment: America’s Kids

November 22, 2002 Economics and Finance
Christopher Farrell

Tomorrow's workers will need more brains than brawn, so funding early-childhood education is vital. It's time for Uncle Sam to ante up.

Closing an Achievement Gap

November 21, 2002
Susan DeFord

Judy Center Targets Preschoolers

Research bolsters economic case for preschools

November 21, 2002 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Peggy O'Crowley

Educators long have known that high-quality child care pays off in better classroom performance and later on in better jobs. Now new research indicates it also pays off in actual dollars, an attractive carrot for taxpayers, according to a new report released by a Rutgers University think tank.

Expert: Preschool Makes A Difference

November 19, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
David Robinson

An early childhood education expert assured the state Board of Education on Monday that early education programs make a difference for neglected children, but they must be high quality. “They will stay in school longer, go to college, and they make more money,” said Robert Bradley, of the Educational Leadership Department at the University of…

Fortune 500 firms lobby for childcare

November 19, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

A group of many of the most powerful corporations in the nation has announced a joint campaign to improve early learning and after-school care for children of families with both parents in the work force. Donna Klein, who heads the year-old Corporate Voices for Working Families, said progress will require collaboration between the private and…

U.S. Child Care Seriously Lags Behind That of Europe

November 19, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

While working parents in the United States struggle to find and afford private child care of even mediocre quality, parents in most European countries easily find publicly funded programs offering good-to-excellent care. [F]unding for child care [in the United States] is fragmentary, and reforms are generally not made with consideration of the goals for the…

Washington Post Highlights Controversy Over Literacy Training

November 16, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Valerie Strauss

Head Start Teachers Resist New Training; Sessions on Literacy Pushed by Bush

Manhattan’s Elite Don’t Kid Around

November 15, 2002
Michael Powell

Preschool Admission Rivals Any Boardroom Battle

At-risk kids catch up in preschool

November 13, 2002 Outcomes
Bill Robinson

South Carolina Education Department study finds early schooling offsets disadvantages