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Child-Care Issue Frames Welfare Reform Debate

October 6, 2002
Jonathan Peterson

As Congress attempts to launch the next phase of welfare reform, the cost of child care has emerged as one of the biggest obstacles to moving ahead. With little fanfare, demand for child-care aid has skyrocketed, and child care now costs taxpayers more than $10 billion a year.

Florida voters to decide on offering free preschool

October 6, 2002 AccessState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Gary Fineout

Nine years ago the state of Georgia became the first state in the nation to offer free pre-kindergarten classes to every 4-year-old. Now Florida voters will decide whether they want to spend as much as $650 million a year to do the same in the Sunshine State.

Funding tie-up hurting New York pre-K program

October 5, 2002 AccessState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Brenda McGarry

In 1997, New York passed sweeping legislation that promised to create a Universal Pre-K program for all 4-year-olds in the state within five years. But partisan politics tied up funding in the state budget, according to Karen Schimke, president of the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, an Albany group supportive of UPK.

Child-care costs outstrip inflation growth in U.S

October 3, 2002
Sue Shellenbarger

Runzheimer International, a Rochester, Wis., relocation consulting firm, says child-care prices in 75 cities rose an average 6.4 percent last year, more than twice the consumer-price inflation rate, based on a survey of several hundred child-care centers. A serious problem, of course, is that the rising costs leave out hundreds of thousands of children whose…

Editiorial: Tough Economy Reveals Welfare Reform’s Successes

October 3, 2002

Rates for child poverty and insurance coverage remained unchanged. That children were protected in a recession amounts to a tremendous success story for both welfare reform and the push to expand health care coverage for children.

San Jose plan seeks to improve child care

October 3, 2002
Katherine Corcoran

The city of San Jose has a new, four-year strategic plan that aims to increase the number of slots in licensed child care and to improve the education of people working with young children in an effort to get more kids ready for school. According to the plan, adopted by the city council this week,…

Headstart Empowers Families by Offering Early-Education Programs for Kids

October 2, 2002
Erika Davila

Headstart is more than just a program for young children. Ultimately, the program strives to assist parents so they no longer need the services offered by the program and so they may one day no longer qualify for it.

All-Day Kindergarten Posts Big Gains

October 1, 2002 Outcomes

An intensive and expensive all-day kindergarten program in Montgomery County, Maryland has produced significant gains for poor children and helped them begin to catch up with higher-performing peers, a new study to be released today shows. Further, the report found that both poor and middle-class students in high-poverty schools — contrary to expectation — either…

Research shows learning gap starts before kindergarten

October 1, 2002
Fredreka Schouten, Gannett News Service

The report, dubbed “Inequality at the Starting Gate,” offers a detailed look at incoming kindergarten students. It found that the most impoverished kindergartners posted math scores 60 percent lower than children from the richest families on tests conducted for the survey.

Early Childhood Initiatives Improve Schools and Local Economies

September 30, 2002
Lance Davis

They recognize that communities promoting early childhood success will not only be attractive to working parents now, but will have a more competitive workforce in the future. As a result, a growing number of municipal officials across the country are taking leadership and creating partnerships to prepare young children for success in public education and…