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Recent early education news and updates

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Poll examines universal preschool and its costs

June 7, 2003
Natalie Missakian

Proponents talk about the long-term benefits of access to high-quality preschool, from better scores on standardized tests to lower dropout rates and fewer adults in prison.

Low-income aid surplus running low

June 6, 2003
Marsha Shuler

The state has been using a surplus of federal TANF money to fund programs, and now it’s running out.

Editorial: If child care is so good, why not pay for it?

June 4, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomes

Law enforcement officials in California … acknowledge that effectively caring for children and offering nurturing after-school programs not only help the children in learning and achievement, but they prevent crime. But try getting them to pay for it.

New Poll of Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Shows 80 Percent Support Greater Pre-K Investment, Even if it Means Increasing Revenue

June 4, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Press Release

New report also shows quality pre-kindergarten cuts crime, saves money

House lawmakers debate state role in Head Start management

June 3, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & LocalWorkforce
Shawn Zeller

Republicans and Democrats on the House Education and the Workforce Education Reform Subcommittee kicked off their discussion Tuesday on reauthorization of the Head Start program with a partisan debate over GOP plans to allow states to administer funding for the preschool program. Members of the panel, Republicans and Democrats alike, agreed that the federal government…

State puts squeeze on Abbott districts

June 3, 2003
John Mooney

Poor schools vow to appeal as half of requested aid is turned down

Editorial: Preschool that pays

June 2, 2003 Outcomes

In Chicago, benefits are big and proven

Governor confident about budget

June 2, 2003
Chuck Sweeny

Blagojevich tells supporters in Rockford that the state’s $5 billion deficit is gone.

Lawmakers to tackle budget, slots, malpractice this month

June 2, 2003
John Gentzel

One way Governor Ed Rendell anticipates raising money to pay for early childhood education is by placing slot machines at several racetracks throughout Pennsylvania.

Big money, small gains at low-income schools

June 1, 2003
Jason Method

Since the 1990 state Supreme Court decision, which ordered the state to keep school funding in the Abbott districts on par with wealthy districts, spending in the poorest districts has escalated rapidly.