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Recent early education news and updates

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State Pushes Academic Goals for Preschools

March 30, 2003 Assessment
Debbie Gebolys

The preschool standards address language and math skills — and in a few months will include science and social studies. The standards aren’t mandatory, and failure to meet them won’t keep kids out of kindergarten, state officials say.

Iowa West commits $7M to preschool program

March 29, 2003
Dan Eshelman and Brien T. Boyce

Estimates state nearly $6,400 is needed per pre-K child to create and maintain 25 preschool programs with approximately 12 children per classroom in the county.

U.S. falls behind on pre-school education

March 29, 2003
Ellen Keelan

Throughout the United States, working parents struggle to pay for care that too often fails to give children the foundation they need to succeed as learners and as individuals. The United States has been notoriously, some say embarrassingly, slow to adapt to the economic realities that have convinced nearly every other industrialized nation in the…

Opinion: Despite budget problems, universal preschool deserves state attention

March 28, 2003 AccessUniversal and Targeted

It deserves it because the stakes for young children in California are so high, and the potential for giving them a better start in life is so great. The children least likely to get quality preschool come not just from the poorest families — who qualify for federally and state subsidized programs, assuming such programs…

Editorial: Early education / ECFE cuts are a step backward

March 27, 2003

Conclusive research has shown that early childhood education produces clear and lasting benefits to both individuals and society.

State budget crisis looms large for CNC

March 27, 2003
Hadley St. John

“The greatest return on our education investment is in the preschool years.”

State updates road map for economic development

March 27, 2003
Robert Travis Scott

Plan will expand preschool education

$700 million planned for young pupils

March 26, 2003
Jan Murphy

Young pupils would benefit

52% of kindergarteners in Md. judged ‘fully ready’

March 26, 2003
Mike Bowler

State report is aimed at improving programs

Editorial: Protecting Head Start

March 26, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

Changes proposed by the president would leave too many children behind