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Recent early education news and updates

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How Early Education Pays Off

August 20, 2003 Outcomes
Tim Eaton

[M]oney spent on young children is a hedge against much larger amounts spent later in life on welfare, government-funded medical care and prison. Steven Barnett, a Rutgers University professor and director of the National Institute for Early Education Research, audited the Abecedarian results and said early learning decreased behavior problems and crime and increased productivity…

In N.M., preschool for average students can be hard to come by

August 20, 2003
Susie Gran

A statewide pre-kindergarten program for all 3- and 4-year-old does not exist.

Panel to make pre-K a reality

August 18, 2003 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Leslie Postal

Florida voters decided in November that the state should offer free prekindergarten classes to all its 4-year-olds. Now, a committee led by Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings must figure just what a universal pre-K program should look like.

State pre-k has uncertain relationship with Head Start

August 18, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Emily Peters

Louisiana's premier pre-k program brings national Head Start issue home

State wants more people taught to teach

August 15, 2003
Blake Morlock

The Arizona Board of Regents wants to make teaching teachers a top priority during the next 12 months.

Legislature asked to give $1 million to fight lawsuit

August 14, 2003
Chip Scutari

School finance system at issue

Parents will get to choose program for pre-K care

August 13, 2003
Alan Gomez

The parents of children who are eligible for subsidized pre-kindergarten care in Palm Beach County can now decide where to send their children.

Beef up early education

August 12, 2003
Paula M. Davis

A task force of legislators and childhood experts is collecting testimony to find ways of improving early education and child care. The hearings conclude in December, and a report will be given to the full Legislature and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Middle-class families get shot at pre-k

August 12, 2003
Eric J.S. Townsend

Enrollment to open earlier in income-based program

Study: Top teachers pick up lighter assignments

August 12, 2003 Workforce
Joshua Benton

Across the state, a teacher divide