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Recent early education news and updates

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Opinion: Head Start serves crime prevention role

June 13, 2003
Steven Studnicka

The research is clear that pre-kindergarten and educational child care programs prevent crime. Investments in pre-kindergarten and educational child care have nearly universal support of law enforcement leaders.

Children in N.J. living the good life

June 12, 2003
Thomas Barlas

The Kids Count report shows that New Jersey ranks fourth in the nation – behind Minnesota, New Hampshire and Utah – in connection with benchmarks of child well being.

Report raises hopes on kids in N.M.

June 12, 2003
Joline Gutierrez Krueger

New Mexico continues to rank at the bottom of the state-by-state rankings for child poverty – as it has for the past two years – but it is now tied with Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the Kids Count Data Book 2003 released today.

Report: Well-Being of Va.’s Children Improves

June 12, 2003
Hillary Copsey

The Kids Count report released Tuesday ranked Virginia 14th overall among the states in 10 major indicators of child well-being.

State shows gain in helping children, but still lags behind

June 12, 2003
Mark Hollis

Florida is making headway at improving children’s health, education and overall well-being, although most other states are doing better, according to a national study that examines how well America is caring for its young.

Editorial: From the roots up

June 11, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & LocalWorkforce

The School Readiness Act presages a future in which state and federal preschool programs collaborate, if not consolidate, and operate under more uniform quality and accountability guidelines. The plan properly calls for greater emphasis on teacher quality: Head Start’s own longitudinal study of its children has found that despite improvement, too many reach school age…

Editorial: A child’s eye view

June 11, 2003

It’s simple: Money spent to foster well-educated and healthy children is money spent on a better future for Louisiana.

Georgia edges up on child care issues, but still ranks low

June 11, 2003
Craig Schneider

The percentage of children in preschool is up.

Head Start’s success debated

June 11, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityOutcomesState & Local
Felicia Thomas-Lynn

Report says youngsters lag behind peers in skills

House Republicans Rewrite Head Start Provision

June 11, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Diana Jean Schemo

Facing intense criticism as they work to reshape Head Start, House Republicans today rewrote a provision of the bill that had attracted the most opposition from child welfare advocates. The measure originally opened the way for states to take over the federal program, with what critics contended were insufficient safeguards to ensure that the states…