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Recent early education news and updates

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The Research Blues

August 19, 2002
Ronald A. Wolk

Given the scope of the education research enterprise, one might ask why it has little impact on policy—and even less on practice. [A] serious reason for the limited influence of education research is the lack of an infrastructure linking producers of research to potential users.

Funds allow Florida county to tackle pre-k learning

August 17, 2002 OutcomesState & Local
Lisa Woods

About 900 preschoolers in St. Johns County, Florida are attending pre-kindergarten and receiving other education services for young children through a new $3.2 million state program. Educators in Ponte Vedra Beach said the early childhood education will help children become successful later on and help them create the brain matter needed for achievement on tests…

Putting Kids First

August 16, 2002 AccessQuality and CurriculumUniversal and Targeted
Jill Stewart

Finally, a government initiative that makes sense - and we've got Meathead to thank for it.

Early learning starts by teaching parents

August 15, 2002
Patti Ghezzi

Program instructs tots and their families

Companies benefit from helping with child care

August 14, 2002
Sue Hutchison

When a report released last month by the Santa Clara County Local Child Care and Development Planning Council found that local businesses pay less than 1 percent of the cost of child care, it hardly was a surprise. What is surprising is that so many companies don’t get it.

Grandmothers weigh in on providing child care

August 14, 2002
Marilyn Gardner

For most, caring for grandchildren is not a choice. Parents either cannot find good day care or can’t afford it.

‘Revolutionary’ plan: Universal preschool

August 10, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Laura Mecoy

Los Angeles’ preschool proposal will bring new interest in developing widely available early childhood education. “If they can make it work in L.A., what’s the excuse for New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Houston not to do the same thing?” asked Steven Barnett, director of Rutgers University’s National Institute for Early Education Research.

LA Preschools to Receive $100 Million

August 9, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Carla Rivera

A commission voted Thursday to spend $100 million in tobacco tax money on a broad-based system of all-day preschools that would be free for all Los Angeles County toddlers. The initiative initially will target 3- and 4-year-olds and seek to dramatically expand existing services, including Head Start programs, child-care centers and home-based family child care….

Tobacco Tax Might Fund Preschools in LA

August 8, 2002 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Carla Rivera

Although many educators agree that providing quality preschool is an important goal, some remain dubious about the proposal being debated in Los Angeles. They are especially skeptical that home-based child-care providers could be trained to provide the kind of care needed.

Why Are Preschools Teaching Penmanship?

August 7, 2002
Elizabeth Chang

Many preschools persist in teaching children to write, and even evaluating that writing, before the students have the skills they need. University of Maryland professor Graham agrees that “it’s kind of ridiculous to expect that kids aren’t ready for kindergarten if they don’t form letters well by that time.”