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State to cut back preschool program

March 16, 2004
James Gonser

The state’s Pre-Plus program, which provides preschool education for low-income children, is being scaled back because the cost to bring the classroom buildings up to code has eaten away the budget needed to complete the project.

Editorial: Rhetoric meets reality

March 14, 2004 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

Education research makes a powerful point about young children: The earlier they begin to learn, the better chance they have in life. That was the driving force behind a 2002 constitutional amendment to require prekindergarten classes in Florida and the reason a task force led by Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings concluded that those classes must…

Preschoolers get head start on tough testing

March 14, 2004 AssessmentGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Laura Bruno

More than 100 children in Morris County’s Head Start, along with nearly a half-million 4- and 5-year-olds nationwide, are getting an early taste of standardized testing before entering kindergarten. Steven Barnett, director of the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University, said the biggest flaw in the testing plan is that there is…

Pre-K program builds pint-size planners

March 13, 2004 Quality and Curriculum
Erik Ortiz

Implemented two years ago, the Tools of the Mind educational program has been nurturing pre-kindergartners’ self-regulation and social skills through specially designed activities. The basis of the curriculum is to instill self-regulation by teaching the importance of planning ahead and remembering routines, all the while controlling emotions and physical actions, said Danielle Erickson, a Tools…

State budget has parents share child care cost in poor districts

March 12, 2004 Economics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Dunstan McNichol

Agency proposal is designed to save Jersey $17.1M

Putting the focus on preschoolers

March 11, 2004 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Brenda J. Buote

Report makes state recommendations

Panel on early learning planned

March 10, 2004 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Mary Beth Schneider

After his full-day kindergarten bill is nixed, Kernan announces he'll create commission to pursue idea.

State struggles to prepare kids for kindergarten

March 7, 2004 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Leslie Postal

Past problems raise questions about prospects for upcoming preschool, some observers said.

Editorial: The cost of preschool

March 3, 2004 Economics and FinanceOutcomesState & Local

Gov. Granholm’s proposed 2005 budget does not increase spending on every education program, but one winner is clearly preschool aid. While the shift in priorities is bound to raise questions, it is a smart move in the long term.

In India, playtime ends early for preschool hopefuls

March 2, 2004
Scott Baldauf

But in 21st century India, where spaces at even ordinary preschools are far fewer than the demand, Mr. Gupta was shocked to learn that his daughter – then a 3 year old – would have to take an exam to get into a neighborhood preschool. He was even more shocked to find that many parents…