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Preschool Program Launch May Be Delayed

July 3, 2004
Carla Rivera

A First 5 Commission hearing to name board of directors is delayed by county supervisors who want a bigger voice in the process.

Bush perplexed about pre-K plan

June 28, 2004 Quality and CurriculumState & Local
Diane Hirth

Governor hears citizens' ideas before deciding on bill's fate

Grads of integration

June 27, 2004 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Nicole Bode

Pre-K mixed 'typical,' special-needs kids

Column: Child’s work

June 27, 2004
Dave Beal

Seeking a smarter, more creative work force of the future, H.B. Fuller chief executive Al Stroucken has emerged as a champion for early childhood development.

Opinion: What Minnesota really needs

June 17, 2004 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Rob Grunewald and Art Rolnick

Much research shows that a key ingredient to economic success is investment in education, what economists call human capital. But the investment in human capital must start early.

Report: Pa. helping to insure children

June 13, 2004 Access
Pamela Batzel

But the state is failing to provide equitable education programs to its youngsters, according to a report released Wednesday. The biennially released report — The State of the Child in Pennsylvania 2004 — stated that one in six children under the age of 5 lives in poverty, putting them at greater risk of being inadequately…

Parents Try to Cope as Day Care Workers Strike

June 10, 2004 AccessWorkforce
Leslie Kaufman

In anticipation of a walkout, the city issued emergency care certificates over the last week to the 27,000 low-income parents who rely on the city’s day care centers, nearly all of which were closed yesterday. Still, many parents were not able to find alternative arrangements on such short notice and were struggling to get through…

Opinion: Invest in kids, reap returns

June 7, 2004 Outcomes
Tim Kelley

To make a significant difference, we really only need to help out poor kids warehoused in substandard child care. UW-Madison research shows that poor kids who get quality child care and preschool programs show lower delinquency rates, fewer special education needs and higher educational achievement later in life.

Valrico: Preschool kids get a jump on academics

June 4, 2004
Letitia Stein

The center’s 40 students are the first in Tampa Bay to try out FasTracKids franchise’s curriculum, which promises “to enrich the knowledge of preschool-age children.”

2004 Kids Count survey shows Illinois ranks 31st

June 4, 2004
Matt Adrian

Jerry Stermer, the president of Voices for Illinois Children, said more must be done to improve Illinois child care, but he said, “the raw numbers show that we are moving in the right direction.”