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Recent early education news and updates

In the News

Pre-K classes may end in state’s fiscal crunch

January 31, 2003 State & Local
Heather Hare

Schools reviewing options in case aid is cut

Preschool program to be spared in budget cuts

January 29, 2003 State & Local
Deborah Yaffe

The Department of Education expects to spend $20 million more next year on court-ordered preschool classes in 30 of the state’s poorest urban districts, an education official said Tuesday, even as Gov. James E. McGreevey plans steep cuts in other programs. The districts covered by the long-running Abbott vs. Burke school funding lawsuit have been…

Most states lag far behind ‘No Child Left Behind’ law

January 28, 2003
Greg Toppo

One year after President Bush signed the sweeping “No Child Left Behind” education bill into law, states are rolling out ambitious testing programs, improving teacher quality, developing excruciatingly detailed report cards — and struggling to make it all work. Only 12 states are on track to comply with even half of the major federal requirements,…

Solutions on table for preschool aid

January 28, 2003 State & Local
Laura Bruno

New Jersey, like most states, is grappling with how to adequately fund K-12 education, without having to provide for an additional two years of early childhood instruction. Polling in New Jersey shows that the vast majority of citizens believe the government should be doing more to give everyone access to preschool, said Steven Barnett, director…

Head Start critics call for changes

January 27, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local
Laura Bruno

Founded in 1965, Head Start has enjoyed bipartisan support throughout the years and has seen its funding rise from $96 million to $6.5 billion today. Head Start has not been immune to criticism, however, and the Bush administration is responding by calling for an unprecedented change to the program.

Head Start enthusiasts target tests, spending

January 27, 2003 AssessmentGovernance and AccountabilityState & Local
Andrew Mollison

From coast to coast, many Head Start parents and teachers are speculating that the administration wants to transform their comprehensive program of educational, medical, dental, developmental and social services for some 900,000 low-income preschoolers into a cheaper reading-prep program in which teachers are judged by their children’s scores on a new national test.

Preschool works for kids

January 27, 2003
Michelle Franzen Martin

Program sets pattern for the next 12 years

Pricey preschool: a class struggle

January 26, 2003
Laura Bruno

Countless low- and moderate-income families struggle locally to find affordable, quality preschool.

Opinion: Kids, Parents Need Early Boost

January 23, 2003 Outcomes

Kids Reap Many Benefits Of Early Childhood Education, But Parent Involvement Is A Pivotal Factor

Pre-Kindergarten Said Vital to Region’s Growth

January 23, 2003 Economics and Finance
Debbie Burt Myers

Early childhood education is vital to future economic development in east Mississippi, an elite group of educators and business professionals has determined. The conclusion of the experts was that community resources must be committed to closing those gaps in education for economic growth to occur.