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Recent early education news and updates

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Missouri’s veterans seeking to recoup education funds

February 19, 2003
Marc Powers

In what is becoming an increasingly common dilemma, lawmakers face a difficult question on which of two groups most need revenue from casino entrance fees — military veterans or preschoolers.

Editorial: Without Head Start they’ll be left behind

February 18, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

Turning control of Head Start over to the states is not, as White House officials claim, the next logical step in the No Child Left Behind Act’s education reform. [I]t ought to be better funded and expanded, not derailed by a trip to the states.

Lack of money could jeopardize preschool classes

February 18, 2003 State & Local
Claudette Riley

A huge portion of existing funds is expected to be gone next year, and with little hope of finding new funding, Tennessee’s early childhood education program is poised to take a step backward. Tennessee, which contributes $6 million to the state’s $15 million preschool program, lags behind other states in funding to children in pre-kindergarten….

Opinion: Starting early with learning

February 17, 2003

The Bush administration may get a lot of flak for suggesting it, but there is much to be said for making Head Start more of a real head start in school for children.

Changing Head Start

February 16, 2003
Jill S. Gross

Some say revamping preschool program could threaten mix of teaching, services

Editorial: Backsliding

February 16, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

Head Start 'fix' would dilute program.

Head Start advocates wary of Bush proposal

February 16, 2003
Jeff Miller

Changes would reduce emphasis on poorest children, says director of local program.

Editorial: A Head Start on a wiser path

February 15, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityState & Local

The Bush administration’s proposals to revamp the program reflect a needed focus on the academic elements of the initiative. The reforms are so massive and immediate, however, that Head Start could be crushed under their weight.

House Endorses Stricter Work Rules for Poor

February 14, 2003
Robert Pear

Under the bill, states would get a block grant of $16.5 billion a year, the same as under current law. But more welfare recipients in each state would have to engage in work activities for more hours each week.

Englewood hears where $7M to schools went

February 13, 2003
Christina Joseph

A disagreement over a contract to fund a pre-kindergarten program sparked a closed-door debate during a recent meeting between the City Council and Board of Education.