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Recent early education news and updates

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Seattle City Council leaves espresso tax off November ballot

September 26, 2002
Bob Young

The Seattle City Council made it official yesterday: Seattleites will vote next September on a proposed espresso tax to benefit early-childhood-education programs. Backers of the dime-a-cup tax on espresso drinks wanted the measure to go before voters this November, but they submitted 30,000 signatures too late to be automatically included on the ballot.

As Deadline Nears, Senate Still Pondering a Welfare Vote

September 25, 2002
Linda Jacobson

With the nation’s main welfare law set to expire next week, child-care advocates — and many members of Congress — have grown increasingly concerned that the Senate will not act to reauthorize the legislation and approve spending to expand child-care services for low-income families. A bill approved by the Senate Finance Committee in June would…

Day-care workers in Utah unfit?

September 25, 2002 Workforce
James Thalman

Study assails lack of training, terrible pay, state's inaction

Kindergarten’s Not Mandatory, but It’s Crucial

September 25, 2002 Outcomes
Solomon Moore

First-graders who don’t go to kindergarten are typically behind their peers in their academic and social development, and are more likely to flunk a grade in elementary school, educators say. The trouble is, making kindergarten mandatory costs money.

Editorial: Skills, child care essential for ‘no welfare’ to work

September 24, 2002

The Senate ought to carve time in its calendar to vote on a welfare reform bill that counts education toward the work requirement and allots more money for child care. If the Senate fails to make changes in the law, thousands of poor mothers stand to lose economic ground when forced into minium wage jobs…

Editorial: Early childhood learning is key

September 22, 2002 State & Local

Indiana must find a way to increase the number of children who have access to preschool. A study by the National Conference of State Legislatures revealed that Indiana is one of only nine states without readily available public preschool classes.

Early childhood educators say work is tough, but rewarding

September 18, 2002 Workforce
Jilian Mincer

The pay is low and demands are high, but like many in early childhood education, [educator Penny] Clay loves what she does. That work, she notes, goes beyond most people’s notions of baby-sitting or day care.

Pressure mounts to pass kindergarten test or be held back

September 18, 2002 Assessment
Karen Thomas

[T]ests are among factors determining which kids move on to the next grade and which kids may need alternatives, such as repeating a grade or entering an extra year of “transitional” or “developmental” schooling, usually before starting kindergarten or between kindergarten and first grade. In the 1998-99 school year, 5% of the nation’s 4 million…

National Child Care Association Study Calls Child Care Critical to National Economic Prosperity

September 17, 2002

The National Child Care Association (NCCA) today released the results of an eight-month study on the “National Economic Contribution of the Child Care Sector.” While current conditions are dampening job and wage growth, there is continuing strong demand for quality child care services.

Seattle ‘Espresso tax’ for child care not likely on fall ballot

September 17, 2002
Kathy Mulady

It may be another year before Seattle voters have to decide whether they want to pay an extra dime for their espresso drinks to raise money for child care and early-childhood learning programs. After extensive discussion acknowledging the need for more money for child care, and a debate about the fairness of a tax that…