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Recent early education news and updates

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4-year-old Kindergarten Details Unveiled

December 10, 2002
Doug Erickson

Performance Committee Votes To Pursue The Idea, But Proposal Is Not Without Hurdles

Clarke promises nursery places for all 3-year-olds

December 10, 2002 AccessUniversal and Targeted
Tony Halpin

Nursery places will be provided next year for every three-year-old whose parents want one, under spending plans announced by Charles Clarke yesterday. The Education Secretary said that £300 million would be transferred to local education authorities to create 250,000 new childcare places.

Napolitano seeks help from businesses to fund pre-school, child care

December 10, 2002
Howard Fischer

Arizona businesses need to pony up cash and resources if they want to improve child care and preschool programs, Janet Napolitano said Monday. The governor elect said it is clear that making sure kids are ready to learn by the time they hit kindergarten pays off in the long run.

Editorial: A case for quality care / Turning Pennsylvania’s toddlers into learners

December 9, 2002

After a six-month study of 372 child-care centers, preschools and home-based programs plus interviews with 1,005 families, researchers learned, among many other things, that: Fewer than 20 percent of the centers provide the kind of early-learning foundation that prepares children for school. The report, “Early Care and Education: The Keystone of Pennsylvania’s Future,” was produced…

Group of educators unveils its agenda for preparing children for kindergarten

December 9, 2002
Tanika White

Program calls on parents to help in early learning

Panel pushing required preschool

December 9, 2002
Joyesha Chesnick

A task force recommends expanding state-funded education to make 'readiness' a priority.

Preschool program can lead to success

December 9, 2002 Economics and Finance
Laurie Pellichero

A new study released last month documents the savings taxpayers reap when states and school districts invest in preschool, according to a recent story in the Star Ledger of Newark. The National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University said that for every dollar spent on quality, full-day preschools, $4 comes back to children,…

Editorial: Smart Start

December 8, 2002 Economics and Finance
John Hood

Last month, Smart Start advocates put out a press release announcing another round of research findings from the Abecedarian Project, which is run by UNC Chapel Hill’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. The study, by two Rutgers University researchers, concluded that the Abecedarian model likely saved taxpayers $4 for every $1 spent, with school…

Headstart: Great places to begin

December 6, 2002
Rowena Coetsee

The centers emphasize literacy as well as basic health care for children from low-income backgrounds

New literacy initiative focuses on fathers

December 6, 2002
Jessica Feinstein

Head Start program aims to make male role models more involved in child literacy development