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Is TK effective intro into education?

February 20, 2018
Calley Cederlof

Samarah Gray held her son Jayden Foley as she went over paperwork to enroll the 4-year-old in transitional kindergarten. Jayden squirmed in his mother’s arms and wrote on a piece of paper as Gray spoke with an employee of Tulare City School District. Jayden, who was promised ice cream if he waited for his mother…

Wall Street sees preschool as an investment opportunity when local governments don’t

February 19, 2018
Kyle Spencer

GRANITE, Utah — On a recent winter afternoon, the scene inside Dobrila Hasic-Botic’s preschool classroom in Granite, Utah, seemed typical of a high-quality pre-K. A 4-year-old in a poufy pink skirt recited the first letter of her name. A boy in jeans and a golf shirt drew shapes on a small whiteboard in his lap….

Dear America — All Children Deserve Quality, Affordable Preschool

February 19, 2018
Annamarya Scaccia

Looking back on our own experiences with daycare or preschool, most of us probably recall lessons about numbers, colors and cooperation, and  lots of playtime . As basic as many of these topics may now seem, research shows early childhood learning environments lay the  groundwork for academic achievement later in life . A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that children who attend intensiveearly childhood educational…

Save the Children: The Case for Early Childhood Education

February 19, 2018
Robert Rivard

The single biggest step the people and leaders of San Antonio can take to make the coming years more equitable and prosperous for everyone is to expand early childhood education and social services in the city and county. Bringing a newfound focus to the critically important development of children from birth to age 5, when brains develop…

More than half of Missouri’s children lack affordable access to child care

February 19, 2018
Rebecca Martin

Tami Hughes’ Monday morning is harder than yours. Or maybe not, if you have young children in Jefferson City. A single parent and working student, Hughes’ weekday routine — planned around a 7 a.m. nursing class — would be hard enough if her son and daughter were enrolled at the same child care center. “Monday…

Massive data gaps leave refugee, migrant and displaced children in danger and without access to basic services

February 16, 2018

Gaps in data covering refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and internally displaced populations are endangering the lives and wellbeing of millions of children on the move, warned five UN and partner agencies. In  ‘A call to action: Protecting children on the move starts with better data’,  UNICEF, UNHCR, IOM, Eurostat and OECD together show how crucial data are to understanding the patterns of global migration and developing policies to…

Boston Schools Shift To More Play-Based, Kid-Led Curriculum In Early Grades

February 16, 2018
Carrie Jung

In Kelly Stevens’ kindergarten classroom, each day begins with circle time for what sounds like a menu of lesson options. “Miss Stevens is calling friends to read at the green table,” said Stevens. “We’re constructing boats. We’re also constructing out of clay.” Students Marco Carias Castellanos and Holden Free chose a writing activity today. But…

Assemblymember Thurmond Introduces Legislation To Fund Early Education Programs By Taxing Private Prisons

February 15, 2018

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), introduced a bill that implements a tax on private prisons that operate in California. The tax revenue generated by the bill will fund preschool and after-school programs. Among other benefits to participants, these programs are known to lower the likelihood of incarceration. “Every child deserves an opportunity at a high-quality education,” said…

Governor tells execs education key to NC economic future, warns against more tax cuts

February 14, 2018
Allan Maurer

“Education is the key” to ensuring North Carolina’s economic future, Gov. Roy Cooper told the NC CEO Forum on healthcare in Raleigh on Monday. Cooper said that when he talks with CEOs, “their number one issue is the workforce.” They ask: “Do you have the people and the talent we need?” The governor also said…

NM Early education proposal dies without Senate finance hearing

February 14, 2018
Milan Simonitch

The proposal to expand early childhood education across New Mexico died quietly Tuesday at the state Capitol, scotched because a vote on the initiative will not be taken in the state Senate Finance Committee. Sen. John Arthur Smith, the Democrat from Deming who chairs the committee, said in an interview that he had decided not to give…