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Recent early education news and updates

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Colorado lawmakers pass bill to expand tax credits to help lower income families pay for childcare

May 30, 2018
Jennifer Kovaleski

DENVER — Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently signed a bill into law aimed at making childcare more affordable for lower-income families. “It was crazy. It was like, ‘wow!’ For me it was too much,” said mother of two, Lucrecia Escobedo, who lives in Globeville. Like many working moms, Escobedo said she was priced out of the…

Recent Report Says Pre-K Policies Play Key Role In Health

May 29, 2018
Jeanie Lindsay

A group called CityHealth includes pre-K as a critical component of health. The group assessed different policies in key areas including transportation and education to assess how they support community outcomes. CityHealth president, Shelley Hearne says the group looked at several areas, like in transportation or education, that can impact a child’s life: “Without question,…

Pre-K or sit at home? Programs for kids with special needs are in trouble

May 25, 2018
Arnold Diaz

The private, nonprofit organizations that provide pre-K programs for thousands of students with special needs are fast approaching a crisis point. “The programs are life-transforming for these kids and yet the state is not funding them adequately and they’re threatening the whole system”, said Chris Treiber, associate executive director of the Interagency Council of Developmental…

Opinion: Investment in early childhood will yield dividends for New Jersey

May 24, 2018
James P. Abbott

When I testified before New Jersey’s education committee in 2015, I came with one goal: to tell our lawmakers that providing children with high quality early learning was not a matter of morality— it was a matter of public safety. I reported to the committee that there is an unmistakable link between quality pre-k and…

Education is essential – but expensive – for Michigan’s youngest residents

May 24, 2018
Brian McVicar

LaQuanda Murphy is counting down the months until September. That’s when her four-year-old son, Kaycen, will qualify for free preschool through the state’s Great Start Readiness Program. It’s a big deal to the Saginaw area single mother for two reasons: her son will get a high-quality education, and her $500 monthly bill for childcare will disappear. “I…

Best States for Early Education

May 24, 2018
Andrew Soergel

Domestic and international research efforts have consistently pointed to a connection between enrollment in quality pre-K and early education programs and longer-term scholastic success. But the U.S. maintains a patchwork early education landscape, with funding and enrollment statistics varying considerably among states. Six states during the 2016-17 school year did not allocate any state-level funding…

Speaking kids’ home language in pre-k could provide a lifelong advantage

May 22, 2018
Lillian Mongeau

Bilingual children have been shown to be  better communicators , do a  better job paying attention , and even  become stronger readers —in both languages. Yet most American children who speak a language other than English at home  begin to lag behind in school by fourth grade . Given what is known about the brain science of language acquisition, early support for dual language learners in state preschool programs could turn that trend…

Raising Payment Rates Raises Quality of Child Care

May 22, 2018
Jessica Church

The final federal spending agreement for FY 2018, enacted in March of 2018, increased funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)—the major federal child care program—by $2.37 billion dollars. This is the biggest child care funding increase in history! Now, states are beginning to make decisions about how to spend this sorely…

States With the Best and Worst Early Education

May 22, 2018
Samuel Stebbins

The importance of proper nutrition, nurturing, and socialization during early childhood cannot be overstated. For many American families — single-parent and low-income families in particular — early childhood programs are only accessible through publicly-funded pre-K education. But the accessibility and quality of these programs varies considerably between states. State spending on public pre-kindergarten programs totalled…

Discrepancies in education start as early as preschool

May 21, 2018
Noah Higgins-Dunn

Brianna Logan was 17 years old when she dropped out of Hickman High School in 2014. Her depression made her reclusive, removed from the social pleasures of a childhood education. She was handed suspension after suspension for fighting on school grounds. Slowly, she stopped getting on the school bus. Logan’s mother worked two jobs, her…