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Recent early education news and updates

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Norfolk Public Schools studying mixed-income preschool classrooms

September 27, 2018
Brian Hill

NORFOLK, Va. – Norfolk Public Schools is taking action for your kids. They’re working to close the achievement gap and create diverse environments for students. Nancy Clanton has been teaching preschool students in Norfolk Public Schools for more than a decade. Her classroom environment is a little different this school year. “I’ve already noticed that…

UAE Early Childhood Development Conference concludes

September 27, 2018

DUBAI: The Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Conference for teachers and educators concluded yesterday, with international experts and local educators agreeing that rigorous policies for ECD systems are vital for young children in the UAE to develop their full potential. Yesterday’s session focused on children’s well-being and happiness, assessing the quality of early…

A breakthrough federal initiative in early care and education

September 27, 2018
Katharine B. Stevens

The 2015 reauthorization of the Elementary Education and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 (as the  Every Student Succeeds Act ) included the first dedicated early childhood funding stream in ESEA’s half-century history, acknowledging what both science and the public increasingly recognize: the foundation for equal education opportunity begins not at age five—or four or three—but at birth. A…

How universal free preschool in DC helped bring moms back to work

September 26, 2018
Bryce Covert

Not too long ago, daycare centers were smeared as  dens of satanic rituals  and  Soviet-style indoctrination . When President Richard Nixon  vetoed  the creation of a national network of child care centers in the 1970s, he argued that they would “commit the vast moral authority of the National Government to the side of communal approaches to child rearing over against the family-centered…

What areas could benefit most from Jeff Bezos’s preschool initiative?

September 26, 2018
Cary Lou

Jeff Bezos’s  recent pledge  to put $2 billion toward a new initiative to reduce  homelessness  and create and operate a network of preschools represents a significant investment in early childhood education. Although the details  remain unannounced , the preschool initiative could answer a need for many children and families. No state except California  spent more than $1 billion  on preschool in 2017. Many young children…

City Grants Will Allow Child Care Centers To Serve More Children

September 26, 2018

(BLOOMINGTON) – The City of Bloomington has awarded $75,000 to four child care programs to expand their capacity to serve area children. The award recipients serve a cross-section of the city’s population, including low-income families. The awards will fund additional staffing, supplies, need-based financial aid, or facility improvements that will allow the centers to create…

Time to act on refugee education

September 26, 2018
Kevin Watkins

Daniel*, aged 14, understands the value of education. One year ago he was part of the human exodus that saw 1 million refugees fleeing South Sudan’s murderous war for the safety of northern Uganda. After two days of walking he arrived carrying only the clothes on his back and his most treasured possession – a…

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Ambitious Pre-K Move Sparks Wary Reactions

September 25, 2018
Michele Molnar

The world’s richest man says he wants to help tackle one of the biggest issues in education: improving early-childhood learning. But what exactly does Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mean when he says the new network of nonprofit preschools he’s planning will be “Montessori inspired,” and will “use the same set of principles” that have pushed…

Ohio lags way behind national averages in preschool funding

September 25, 2018
Lauren Fisher and Lillian Mongeau,

Lynsi McKinney needed new options after her son couldn’t qualify for a local Head Start program because of the family’s annual income, McKinney, a stay-at-home mom in Southeast Ohio, eventually connected with a private, Christian school for 4- and 5-year-olds. But the family felt squeezed by the hefty price tag. “If money wasn’t an issue,…

Early Learning Access Crucial for Young Parents, Report Says

September 25, 2018
Eric Tegethoff

SEATTLE — Parenting is an immense test for even the most financially secure Washington parents, but the challenge can be even greater for young adults. A report out Tuesday from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, called “Opening Doors for Young Parents,” stressed the need for increased programs to support people between the ages of 18…