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Education Is Idahoans’ Top Priority, Survey Finds

January 29, 2019
James Dawson and Norm Gunning

Sixty percent of the state thinks Idaho is moving in the right direction, according to  a new statewide survey  from Boise State University’s School of Public Policy. Boise State political science professor Jeff Lyons helped oversee the university’s fourth annual survey. “Something that stood out to me is actually how little changed from last year – the fact that…

Can mental health training for teachers reduce preschool suspensions?

January 29, 2019
Jackie Mader

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Chally Grundwag, a mental health consultant, faced three teachers gathered around a pint-size preschool table. “What kind of kids really push your buttons?” she asked the group. The teachers at Kidango’s Dorsa Center in San Jose thought for a moment. “Crying ones,” one responded. “I want to say, ‘Stop crying; you’re…

Would you pay a public school district for pre-k? More families want this option

January 29, 2019
Diane Smith and Anna M. Tinsley

When classes start next year in  Mansfield schools , a new group of students will be enrolled — 4-year-olds whose families are paying $385-per-month tuition for  preschool . The lottery-based program, which allows 144 4-year-olds to attend preschool programs at four centrally located campuses, was the district’s response to a growing demand from families who don’t qualify for…

New Cabinet agency would grow pre-K right

January 28, 2019
Sherman McCorkle and Del Archuleta

New Mexico’s long-term economic growth depends upon our ability to educate our children well and prepare them for college and successful careers. Education is key to economic development. It can break the cycle of poverty in families and communities and produce the dynamic, innovative and skilled workforce that an economy needs to thrive. Early childhood…

Republicans and Democrats are taking early education more seriously

January 25, 2019

From hot dogs, to automobiles, to diesel fuel, Americans have been touched by plenty of German inventions. Kindergarten (“children-garden”) is one of them. The programme for educating youngsters through playing and social interaction, meant as a transition from home to formal schooling, was first brought to America in the 1850s and quickly spread. Kindergarten has flourished,…

Beverage tax provides resources for Philadelphians who need it most | Opinion

January 25, 2019
Rev. James S. Hall Jr.,

Ever since 5-year-old Makayla Grant of Northeast Philly started kindergarten this fall, she has been thriving. She runs to her classroom in the morning and joyfully takes part in conversations with teachers and classmates. She is often her class’ student of the week, and was October’s student of the month. She loves learning to read…

City gets good grade for commitment to preschool

January 24, 2019
James Vaznis

For many Boston families it is one of the biggest perks of living in the city — free public preschool — and a national report released Wednesday made clear how fortunate families are to have access to it. Boston was one of just five cities to receive the highest rating, a gold medal, for its…

Seattle’s preschool program gets silver medal in nationwide Pre-k program review

January 24, 2019
Dahlia Bazzaz

If Seattle’s preschool program continues to grow, it could soon be in the highest echelon of Pre-K programs in the country, according to a  report  released this week. Seattle beat out all 39 other large U.S. cities assessed for their program quality — but earned only a silver medal in the report, which was written by researchers at…

OPINION: How current policy hurts our youngest citizens

January 24, 2019
John Kind and Myra Jones-Taylor

More than 10,000 babies will be born in the United States today, each with infinite potential. These newborns, from diverse backgrounds, represent our country’s next generation of thinkers, workers and leaders. Much of their success in life depends on key decisions that our policymakers make now. And one of those key decisions is to promote…

‘Pre-K 4 SA’ Gets High Marks in Study of Urban Early Childhood Programs

January 24, 2019
Jim Forsyth

The non profit institution CityHealth, which is part of the Beaumont and Kaiser Permanente Foundations, along with the National Institute for Early Education Research has studied early childhood education programs in forty major American cities, and says San Antonio’s sales tax funded Pre-K 4 SA program is among the five most successful in the nation,…