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Md. county launches ambitious child-care and early education program

March 8, 2019
Donna St. George

Montgomery County leaders announced an ambitious plan Thursday to increase access to child-care programs for low-income families, an effort to make children better prepared for kinder­garten in some of the poorest pockets of the Maryland suburb. The initiative, aimed at children from birth to age 5, is slated to bring 600 additional seats to programs…

Do Preschool Teachers Really Need to be College Graduates?

March 8, 2019
Matthew Lynch

Let’s get right into it. Yes, preschool teachers need to be college graduates. As a matter of fact, they need a bachelor’s degree, not and associates. Why? Because they need to have a well-rounded understanding of child development, early childhood education, etc. For instance, an associates degree (2-year) in early childhood education at  Jay Sargent Reynolds Community College in Virginia  requires you…

Bilingual Kids Don’t Lag Behind, They Often Outperform

March 8, 2019
Chontelle Bonfiglio

There is this common  misconception  that bilingual children and those who speak multiple languages are disadvantaged, and lag behind their monolingual peers at school. But research over the years suggests otherwise. For expat and immigrant families who speak their native language at home, children can understandably need some extra support initially as their exposure grows in…

Pre-K task force endorses Gov. Ivey’s first Pre-K expansion recommendation

March 7, 2019

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget proposal includes a $25 million expansion of Alabama’s state-funded, high-quality and voluntary First Class Pre-K program. If approved by the state legislature, the proposed funding increase would open an additional 240 classrooms next year and help bring the total number of First Class classrooms statewide close to…

Investment in Early Learners Is on the Rise

March 7, 2019
Emily Tate

As venture capitalists and private-equity firms continue to  invest billions of dollars  in education, they’re increasingly directing their funds to early childhood development, a long-neglected subset of the education population, according to a panel of impact investors this week at SXSW EDU. It’s estimated that more than one million new neural connections are formed in a child’s brain every…

Gov. Raimondo urging funding for universal pre-K

March 6, 2019
Bill Tomison

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is calling on the General Assembly to make her proposal for universal pre-K a reality. The governor’s budget proposal includes $10 million to phase in universal pre-K over multiple years. The Rhode Island Department of Education is already taking steps to make it happen. However, lawmakers need…

How Earning a BA Degree Elevated my Career as a Preschool Teacher

March 6, 2019
Aimee Carr-Wright

Kidango is a sponsor of  AB 123 , a bill that will provide access to Pre-K for nearly 70,000 additional children, and improve the quality of existing Pre-K and TK programs for 200,000 children in California. One element of the bill is creating a pathway for preschool teachers to higher education opportunities. Aimee submitted this statement to…

Details of What Budget Means for New Jersey’s Schools

March 6, 2019
John Mooney

Before Gov. Phil Murphy presented his fiscal year 2020 budget yesterday, the scene outside the State House belied what would come inside. Dozens of placard-carrying students and teachers lined the sidewalk, doing their part to make sure that a pro-public school message would carry the day. And indeed, Murphy proposed in his  $38.6 billion budget  an increase in…

OPINION: The power of education data for Mississippi’s littlest learners

March 5, 2019
MS Superintendent of Education Carey Wright

More Mississippi students than ever before are gaining access to high-quality early learning this year thanks to increased funding for the state’s pre-K program. One big reason is the strong data on education outcomes that we have collected and shared in our state. Since we began our first state-funded pre-K program four years ago with…

Evers’ Education Budget Addresses Revenue Limits, English Learners & Early Childhood

March 5, 2019
Emily Files

Tony Evers’ background is in education, including serving as the top education official in Wisconsin. Now that he is governor, Evers is proposing a raft of school funding changes.  He delivered  his first budget address on Feb. 28. We’ve already covered some of the most attention-grabbing pieces of Evers’ education plan, like the $600 million  special education increase  and the  proposal to freeze