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Early ‘Head Start’ program launched at KCMO high school is first of its kind in metro

September 11, 2017
Megan Dillard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — High school students face many challenges, and for some in the metro, parenting can be a tough life circumstance. Kansas City Public Schools celebrated a program Friday, aimed at letting those students know they don’t have to walk through that alone. Davionne Cannon is an 18-year-old senior at the Central Academy…

There’s a compelling reason to spend more on quality preschool in Cuyahoga County – it works

September 8, 2017
Brent Larkin

CLEVELAND — If Greater Cleveland’s leaders can find $70 million in tax revenue to remodel an arena, they can find enough to save the lives of at-risk children. The controversial renovation plan for Quicken Loans Arena poses the biggest test yet of this community’s priorities. With the people in power having made the arena makeover one…

Close the Preschool Gap

September 8, 2017
Sara Mead

Today, 1.1 million New York City public school students return to classrooms for the  first day of school  – among them, some 1,600 3-year-olds participating in the first year of the city’s new “3-K for All” program. These youngsters represent the start of an  ambitious project  to make free, publicly funded pre-K available to all 3-year-olds whose families want it. But…

Preschool Teachers Deserve Better Pay

September 7, 2017
Suzanne Bouffard

Stephanie Martinez teaches the children of professors at a university-affiliated preschool near Boston. The program is excellent and expensive. Even with a staff discount, Martinez can’t afford to send her own son to the school, because $1,000 a month is a major chunk of her income. Instead, she settled for a chain day care center…

The Lessons of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Universal Pre-K Initiative

September 7, 2017
Rebecca Mead

Today , New York City’s 1.1 million public-school students return to their classrooms—or, in the case of about seventy thousand four-year-olds enrolled in the city’s pre-K program, go to their classrooms for the very first time. It’s been four years since Bill de Blasio bested John Liu, Bill Thompson, Christine Quinn, Anthony Weiner, and others in…

Pre-K funding leads as hot topic in NJ gubernatorial race

September 7, 2017
Brenda Flanagan

Advocates for Children of New Jersey ‘s CEO and Executive Director Cecilia Zalkind sent questionnaires to New Jersey’s candidates for governor asking how they’d handle preschool expansion, among other issues. “The exciting thing to me is that they’re all committed to preschool,” said Zalkind. Pre-K’s a hot topic in the current race, and everybody answering the questionnaire wants more preschool. “I think…

Nebraska childcare providers face low wages, other challenges

September 6, 2017
Margaret Reist

Nebraska’s day care providers and early childhood educators face low wages, a lack of benefits and high stress and often aren’t sufficiently educated, according to the latest study by the University of Nebraska’s Buffett Early Childhood Institute. Center-based providers fare the worst, making a median annual income of $18,706 — nearly $7,800 below the poverty…

Congress Should Give Families More Credit

September 6, 2017

Congress returns to Washington this week to a  meat grinder : In short order, members must raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget (to avoid a government shutdown) and deliver emergency relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So it might seem unrealistic to suggest that they strike a bipartisan deal on child-care tax credits. Yet this is…

Facing Federal Deadline, More ESSA Plans Head to Governors’ Desks

September 6, 2017
Daarel Burnette II

In the final weeks before 34 states are to give the U.S. Department of Education their accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act, governors are weighing in on what they think about their state’s proposed education agendas. Already, in states such as  MissouriNorth Carolina , and  Pennsylvania , governors have given detailed responses to plans and requested that…

Boot camps for tots: Kindergarten orientation provides a head start

September 5, 2017
Moriah Balingit

One day in August, 16 squirmy youngsters at Alexandria’s Douglas MacArthur Elementary School made their way down an empty hallway, some moving haltingly, some running their fingers along the walls. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to walk quietly to breakfast,” their teacher, Anthony Jackson, bellowed. “I like what I’m seeing today! Good job!” It was…