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The hidden costs of child care: Lack of accessibility, affordability costs Indiana billions

January 7, 2019
Erin Walden

Tabitha Walker worked in the banking industry for three years and loved it. Her husband, CJ, works at Ford. CJ worked a chaotic schedule typically required in the manufacturing field and, with no family in the area to lend a hand, Tabitha decided to stay home with her children. “It was extremely hard to go…

Yes, there are online preschools. And early childhood experts say they stink.

January 4, 2019
Valerie Strauss

In February 2015  I wrote a post with this headline : “And now, online preschools. Really.” Given that medical experts warn against too much screen time for young children, and given that early childhood experts say the best way for young children to learn is through structured play, it might have seemed that online preschools didn’t have much of a future. Guess…

Quality Pre-K Can Improve Children’s Health, But Texas May Be Missing Out

January 4, 2019
Laura Insensee

Early education can do more than teach children the ABCs. High quality pre-K can also improve children’s physical and emotional well-being, according to a  new analysis by the National Institute for Early Education Research . Analysts found that attending preschool can result in children having less depression, less stress, better blood pressure and better job prospects. “The key takeaways are that there are both short…

Minnesota receives $4.7 million to streamline early learning access

January 3, 2019
Christopher Magan

Minnesota has been awarded a $4.7 million federal grant to make the state’s early learning programs easier for parents to understand and navigate. The money from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will help the state departments of Education, Health and Human Services implement suggestions from a recent report by the Office of…

Bright Spot for N.Y.’s Struggling Schools: Pre-K

January 3, 2019
Eliza Shapiro

A well-placed, orderly sandbox. Teachers who laugh often. Plenty of miniature tables and chairs. Those are markers of an excellent pre-K classroom. And New York City, home to the largest citywide prekindergarten initiative in the country, has these features — and many more — in the vast majority of its programs, according to new data…

Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose almost $2 billion for early childhood programs

January 3, 2019
John Myers

Seeking to frame his new administration as one with a firm focus on closing the gap between children from affluent and poor families, Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose spending some $1.8 billion on an array of programs designed to boost California’s enrollment in early education and child-care programs. Newsom’s plan,  which he hinted at in a Fresno event last month , will be a key element…

This Deep-Red State Decided to Make a Serious Investment in Preschools. It’s Paying Off Big-Time.

January 2, 2019
Kiera Butler

Alabama state senator Trip Pittman had always sort of questioned whether nursery schools were worth the investment. Pittman, a conservative Republican, figured the kinds of things you’re supposed to learn before kindergarten—washing your hands, tying your shoes, minding your manners—might best be taught by parents and grandparents at home. Conservatives often argue that kids who attend…

Armed with pilot project success, Bullock renews call for preschool program

January 2, 2019
Caitlyn Patel

Gov. Steve Bullock is once again proposing Montana launch a state-funded preschool program for those who cannot afford private pre-kindergarten programs for their children. The governor included a $30 million grant program to support high-quality preschool programs supplied by public schools, community-based providers or head start programs in his budget ahead of the 2019 legislative…

Study: Pre-K has long-term student results

January 2, 2019
Christopher Smith

Local educators say they aren’t surprised by new research that shows Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program benefits students over the long term with no signs of “fade out.” The First Class Pre-K Research Evaluation Team, which includes researchers from the UAB School of Public Health, UAB School of Education, and the Public Affairs Research Council…

Vandeven, returning as Missouri’s education commissioner, wants to focus on future

January 2, 2019
Ryan Delaney

It’s Margie Vandeven’s first day at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary, but she shouldn’t need any help finding her office. That’s because Vandeven is returning as the state’s top schools chief just over a year after her unpopular removal from that same job. Vandeven was well-liked in the public education world and by…