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Recent early education news and updates

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Early childhood education is as crucial to military readiness as jets and ships

January 3, 2018
Gregory G. “Grog” Johnson

Much of the recent debate about ways to build our  military  strength has focused on additional ships and jets or developing  new  technologies. But no matter how much we spend on hardware or the latest and greatest technology, we will never be a secure nation if we do not have qualified and skilled men and  women  to operate…

OPINION: When it comes to educational research, getting there is half the battle

January 2, 2018
Christopher T. Cross

If Jane Smith in Arkansas invented a method to ensure the success of rural English language learners, would John Jones in rural Wyoming ever learn about it? For almost every issue that confronts us about how to improve education, somewhere there is a success story to be told and lessons from which others can benefit….

Mississippi Legislative Preview: State-funded Pre-K

January 2, 2018
Bracey Harris

Rep. David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, is hoping if the Legislature approves the lottery this year the windfall will go toward paying for early education. Less than 6 percent of Mississippi’s 4-year-olds have access to state-funded pre-K. Researchers have touted quality early education programs as one of the best strategies for ensuring young learners enter…

New research from Oklahoma suggests preschool doesn’t just help students in the short term

January 2, 2018
Neal Morton

Cheerleaders for high-quality preschool programs, especially those subsidized with public dollars, face a frequent criticism: Although preschool may prepare more children for kindergarten, research hasn’t yet produced enough evidence that the programs yield long-lasting benefits to justify the cost. A  five-year study released in 2015 , for example, found that early gains for low-income students who enrolled in Tennessee’s preschool…

Analysis: Benefits from good preschool programs could be big

December 28, 2017
Jeff Amy

It’s a soft sell — come and listen to renowned figures who have studied the benefits of educating very young children, and maybe people will leave charged up to support more and better preschool programs in Mississippi. …But — and here’s the hitch — just any old preschool isn’t good enough. Figures collected by Mississippi First show…

Some states struggle to make preschool available to everyone

December 28, 2017
Sally Ho

SEATTLE – In perhaps an unexpected twist, historically conservative strongholds like Oklahoma and West Virginia are leading efforts to bring preschool to all. “They have in common a low-wage workforce, relatively low education levels and the desire to change that,” said Steven Barnett of the National Institute for Early Education Research. “Whatever they say, politicians…

The Intrusion of White Families Into Bilingual Schools

December 28, 2017
Conor Williams

Stephanie Lugardo’s second-grade classroom at Academia Antonia Alonso in Wilmington, Delaware, is bubbling. Students chatter with one another as they work, smiling and joking and wiggling in and out of their chairs. Sure—it’s an elementary-school classroom. It’s expected to exude the earnest joy of children growing into themselves. But this one is different. Smiles break…

Congressional Leaders: Keep In Mind The Needs of Families With Young Children

December 22, 2017

Co-Chairs of BPC’s  Early Childhood Initiative  former Rep. George Miller and former Sen. Rick Santorum wrote to congressional leadership encouraging them to keep in mind the needs of families with young children.  Dear Leaders McConnell and Schumer, Speaker Ryan, and Leader Pelosi: As you work to resolve end of year priorities and the budget, we encourage you to…

‘Sesame Street’ Wins $100 Million Grant To Create Programming For Refugee Children

December 22, 2017
Rebecca Shapiro

The nonprofit organization behind “Sesame Street” has been awarded a $100 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, the largest of its kind, to create programming for children displaced by Syria’s civil war. Sesame Workshop, in partnership with International Rescue Committee, was selected for the foundation’s coveted 100&Change grant on Wednesday for a proposal to bring…

Make Pre-K Available to All in St. Paul, Group Tells City Council

December 21, 2017
Frederick Melo

A coalition is asking the city of St. Paul to make early-childhood education available to all 9,000 of the city’s 3- and 4-year-olds. The St. Paul Children’s Collaborative told the St. Paul City Council on Wednesday that too many of the city’s youngest students enter kindergarten with no academic footing, slowing academic achievement throughout their…