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Recent early education news and updates

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Gov. Hickenlooper’s final Colorado budget includes new tax credit proposals for child care, education

November 2, 2018
Anna Staver

Gov. John Hickenlooper wants to tinker with Colorado’s tax refunds one more time before leaving office. The Democrat proposed new tax credits for child care and education Thursday in his last official budget — a move that would mean fewer TABOR refunds for most Colorado taxpayers. Under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, Colorado can’t keep all…

Over a million Texas children could qualify for subsidized child care — but less than 10 percent of them receive it

November 1, 2018
Allyson R Waller

This story was produced in collaboration with the  Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program  at the Newmark  Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York.  The program funded projects in New York, Seattle, Atlanta and Texas to understand the role that state and local policies play in reducing or exacerbating income inequality. Read other stories in the project  here  and  here . DALLAS — The sun had just broken through the…

Why it’s a good economic bet to invest in early childhood

October 31, 2018
Elizabeth Shockman and Kerri Miller

How do you get the biggest bang for the buck if your goal is a more robust economy? Offer tax breaks for business expansions? Subsidize new factory construction? Lure a business from some other state? Some experts say the best way to invest for prosperity is to fund early childhood education. During a recent two-day…

Chamber of Commerce President: Workforce Training ‘Not Just a College Issue’

October 31, 2018
Carolyn Phenicie

The much-discussed skills gap that separates trained workers and available jobs in America must be tackled throughout the education pipeline, starting as early as preschool, Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue said Tuesday. “The foundation for skills development is in the first five years of life, before most children ever meet any type of…

One California county epitomizes positive impact of home visiting amid national trend

October 31, 2018
Linda Jacobson

This article is part of a  series  about First 5 — a tobacco tax initiative in California passed by voters 20 years ago to fund services for young children, from birth to kindergarten age. The series is supported by a University of Southern California 2018 Center for Health Journalism fellowship. The potted plants in Julia Coke’s…

Illinois Early Childhood Educators Share Election Hopes

October 30, 2018
Rachel Otwell

Preschool is a key part of building a solid foundation for lifelong learning, some experts even say it’s  the most important  part of a child’s education. And yet, it’s not considered by the state of Illinois to be as important as K-12 education, based on the way funding is allocated. This election cycle, both front-runners for governor are…

NC County Commissioners want to spend over $3 million annually on kids. Can they pay for it?

October 30, 2018
Jennifer Bowman

ASHEVILLE — Decades of research suggests early childhood education could change the future of Buncombe County children for the better, launching a ripple effect that would create lasting positive impacts on their communities. But it comes with a cost -— at least $3.6 million a year, if commissioners agree. The Board of Commissioners on Tuesday…

FFYF Analyzed Years of Polling and Found Unwavering Support for Greater Investment in ECE

October 30, 2018
Charles Joughin

The First Five Years Fund has conducted an analysis that consolidates and synthesizes the findings of our years of publicly available research with that of other national and state polls – some of which have never been released publicly. Beginning in 2013, FFYF’s  bipartisan national polling  has served as a trusted benchmark of voter support for quality early…

Early Childhood Data Collaborative Survey Points to Greater Need for Data Coordination

October 29, 2018
Owoade Ayorinde

What is one way states could use the recent fiscal year 2019  federal funding increases  for early care and education programs? Improving early childhood data systems. While states collect a lot of information about young children, data collection across early care and education programs is often uncoordinated or nonexistent, which can hinder the quality of programs available to…

Midterms Could Mean Big Changes for State ESSA Plans: Which Races to Watch

October 26, 2018
Alyson Klein

U.S. Secretary of Education  Betsy DeVos may have approved every state’s vision for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act —but that doesn’t mean the plans are all done and dusted. States can still make changes to their plans. And after the midterm elections in November, many of them may want to. (To be sure, DeVos and company will have to approve major revisions. The U.S. Department of Education is  expected to say more about what that process will look in coming weeks and months .)…