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How Preschool Teachers Leverage Student Curiosity into Early STEM Exploration

June 24, 2019
Katrina Schwartz

Preschool kids are full of curiosity so it’s the perfect time to introduce them to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. At  Educare New Orleans  preschool teachers have been trained to teach STEM ideas through play. They set up play centers that explore concepts like building and states of matter. At first many of the adults thought…

Imagine an America in which every child starts off on the right foot

June 24, 2019
Sun-Times Editorial Board

Babies, as it turns out, learn more, and earlier, than most of us know. Humans, in fact, are born learning, as scientists have discovered in decades of research on infant brain development. Before a newborn is even a few hours old, he or she will readily mimic an adult who pokes out their tongue. Learning…

Preschools face uphill battle in northern Michigan

June 21, 2019
Max Johnston

Researchers say if your kid goes to a good preschool, they’ll be better off as an adult. A four-decade  study  from the HighScope Educational Research Foundation looked at the long-term effects preschool had on students. It found that kids who went to high-quality preschools grew up to have higher incomes and IQs than those who didn’t….

Early learning is a predictor of lifelong success, more Utah kids need to attend preschool, lawmakers told

June 21, 2019
Wendy Leonard

SALT LAKE CITY — Fewer than half of Utah kids are participating in preschool before going to kindergarten, and Utah lawmakers believe more could be done to help young children succeed later in life. “It’s cheaper to spend the money early,” said Rep. Lowry Snow, R-St. George, chairman of the  Education Interim committee , which discussed early childhood…

Subsidized preschools benefit thousands of preschoolers

June 21, 2019
Chen Chih-Chung and Emerson Lim

More than 900 preschools around Taiwan have joined a government subsidization program since it began last year, benefiting 92,000 preschoolers, government officials said Friday. The number of kindergartens that have signed an agreement with the government to take part in the subsidy program reached 911 as of Thursday, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said at a…

APM documentary about Perry Preschool: ‘Early Lessons’

June 21, 2019

Dateline: An  American Public Media documentary , “Early Lessons,” about the lessons from the Perry Preschool Project. The Perry Preschool Project is one of the most famous education experiments of the last 60 years. The study asked a question: Can preschool boost the IQ scores of poor African-American children and prevent them from failing in school? The surprising results…

Helping Preschoolers Build Self-Regulation Skills That Are The Foundation Of Success

June 21, 2019
Katrina Shwartz

Preschool is an important time for children to build pro-social behaviors and learn to get along with other kids in a school setting. Recently, there has been more emphasis on academic preparation in preschool, but just as important, are the social and emotional skills kids will need to succeed when they move into kindergarten. Educare New Orleans Early Childhood School  is…

ASD to focus on preschool after study ranks Alaska 49th in US education

June 21, 2019
Scott Gross

Jun 19, 2019 New national statistics on the well-being of children in the U.S. show Alaska near the bottom of the ranks for education. The  2019 Kids Count Data Book  released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation  ranks the state 49th in the category , just ahead of New Mexico. During the announcement of the data Monday, president and CEO of Alaska Children’s Trust Trevor Storrs said the…

Washington lags the country in preschool, and child poverty is growing, new study says

June 21, 2019
Katherine Long

Less than half of Washington’s 3- and 4-year-olds attend preschool of any kind. Just 8% of them have access to publicly funded, high-quality prekindergarten. Those are some of the findings from the KIDS COUNT Data Book, published annually by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and released Monday. (The Annie E. Casey Foundation also funds Education…

‘Lost opportunity’: Most 4-year-olds are left out of Indiana’s preschool expansion

June 21, 2019
Stephanie Wang

Jun 11, 2019 As soon as Alina Keller walked into the home daycare, she wondered whether her son would be safe if she sent him there, let alone prepared for kindergarten next year. For $100 per week, the daycare would downgrade 5-year-old Liam to using a sippy cup, put him down for three-hour naps, and…