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Recent early education news and updates

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Dayton children less ready for kindergarten, new report shows

March 5, 2018
Jeremy P. Kelley

Despite efforts to improve early childhood education offerings, only 34.9 percent of children who took the state’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in Montgomery County school districts in 2016-17 demonstrated readiness, according to Learn to Earn Dayton. Perhaps more troubling, that rate declined from 37.7 percent the previous year, and declined in 12 of the 16 school…

Governor Phil Murphy Tackles Tough Education Issues

March 2, 2018
John Geppert

On the campaign trail, Gov. Phil Murphy promised to make several significant changes to New Jersey’s education system, such as eliminating PARCC testing and fully funding public schools. Now that he is in office, Murphy faces the challenge of converting his policy proposals into real change, all while dealing with several traditionally hot-button education issues and…

Anti-immigrant vitriol kicks off anxiety in children of immigrants

March 2, 2018
Alfred Lubrano

PHILADELPHIA — A 4-year-old girl in a Pennsylvania Head Start program told her teacher that President Trump wanted to send her mother back to Mexico. Her mother was born in the United States. But because the child had absorbed endless vitriol about immigrants, and had heard scary tales of parents being deported, she was frightened…

Inequity in Education is Your (and My) Responsibility

March 1, 2018
Kate Gerson

There is a great injustice happening in our schools, and it’s happening on our watch. What’s happening can be seen in  national reports . The reading and math scores of our white students continue to be higher than the scores of our black and Latino students. In fact, the 30+ point gap between these groups’ National NAEP…

Prozac Preschool

March 1, 2018
Sudan Donaldson James

From the time he was a baby, Max, now seven, struggled with  crippling anxiety . “He would fly into screaming rages for no apparent reason,” says his mother, Stacy, a 44-year-old lawyer from Seattle who wanted to keep her family’s identity private. “He was constantly on edge.” At two years old, Max began three years of behavioral…

Education Week: Spotlight on Early Education

March 1, 2018

The Education Week Spotlight on Early-Childhood Education is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors on: Using kindergarten assessments to tailor classroom instruction The long-lasting benefits of effective early-childhood education Encouraging creativity and play in the early grades Teaching young students how to think globally You get the seven articles below in a downloadable PDF. Kindergarten Assessments Begin to Shape Instruction Schools are…

Transforming Financing in Early Care and Education

February 28, 2018
Kim Dancy

Ask any new parent about the costs of early care and education, and you’ll hear a single resounding theme: it’s expensive. At the same time, compensation for childcare workers averaged just  $21,000 last year  – far lower than many would think is appropriate for someone tasked with such an important and difficult responsibility. But while the financial struggles…

Study finds that Alabama prekindergarten boosts math, reading

February 28, 2018
Mike Cason

A study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama found that students in Alabama’s prekindergarten program are stronger in reading and math than their peers when they reach third grade, the governor’s office said in a press release today. The study, based on reviews of standardized tests…

Financial structure of early childhood education requires overhaul to make it accessible and affordable, report says

February 27, 2018
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

High-quality early care and education (ECE) is critical to positive child development and has the potential to generate economic returns, but the current financing structure of ECE leaves many children without access to high-quality services and does little to strengthen the ECE workforce, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and…

UNICEF: Basic needs of young Syrian refugee children not met

February 27, 2018
Associated Press

AMMAN, Jordan — The U.N. agency for children said Sunday that 85 percent of Syrian refugee children in Jordan live in poverty, 38 percent are not in school and almost half of those under the age of five don’t have access to proper health care. The findings by UNICEF are based on responses from about…