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Northam Looks To Expand Preschool For Low-Income Virginians

August 2, 2019
Jenny Abamu

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued  an executive directive on Wednesday that could expand early education opportunities  for 3 and 4-year-olds in low-income families. The directive establishes a team that would look at ways for the state to provide preschool programming for all low-income families by 2025. Virginia currently has multiple early education programs geared towards low-income families including Headstart, which is a national program and  serves over 14,300 children in Virginia.  The…

With Early Childhood Education On CA’s Agenda, Preschool Teachers Ask Why ‘Cashiers At McDonalds’ Get Better Pay

August 2, 2019
Ricardo Cano

Preschool teacher Lorena Gomez’s work days begin at 6:30 a.m. when she welcomes a dozen 3-year-olds into her classroom. Every day, Gomez spends nine hours standing, sitting and crouching at the height of a toddler, passing out snacks, overseeing playtimes and teaching tiny Californians their numbers, shapes, colors, letters, and social niceties. She marvels, she…

New Report Recommends Improving Preschool Access, Funding In Multnomah County

August 2, 2019
Meerah Powell

new report  from Multnomah County calls for better access to affordable, high-quality preschool. The report was created by the Preschool For All Task Force, a coalition of 30 leaders in sectors like education, business and health care — led by Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson. “As a community, we’ve failed to make the needed investments in early learning…

Cities Where the Most Children Live in Poverty

August 2, 2019
Evan Comen

America’s cities are home to some of the worst pockets of childhood poverty in the country. An estimated 17.7% of American children living in metropolitan areas — a total of 11.1 million — live in poverty. As can be seen in  this in-depth profile on poverty in America , Children born into poverty face enormous economic disadvantages and are less likely to have the…

One-third of all Austalian preschool centres could be without a trained teacher in four years, if we do nothing

August 2, 2019
Megan O'Connell

One-third of all preschools may lack a qualified teacher in the next four years if nothing changes, my new modelling shows. Currently,  half of all early childhood teachers  have a bachelor degree, with a further one-third still working towards one. With many expected to drop out, my modelling shows a significant shortfall by 2023. To lift  children’s outcomes , early learning needs to…

DiDomenico Urges Action on High Quality Pre-K

July 18, 2019
Chelsea Record

[State] Sen. Sal DiDomenico recently testified before the Joint Committee on Education in support of his bill, S.265, An Act ensuring high-quality pre-kindergarten education. This legislation would expand preschool, using grants from the state, beginning with high-needs communities that are ready with a state-approved expansion plan. “Across Massachusetts, people are ready for more preschool,” said…

Tips For Keeping The Benefits Of Pre-K

July 17, 2019

July 13, 20198:26 AM ET Heard on  Weekend Edition Saturday SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Early childhood education is seen as a way to help close school achievement gaps. Researchers say that preschool can give children from low-income families a boost. That benefit doesn’t always stay once children get into kindergarten. As KPCC’s Priska Neely reports, there’s a lot that…

States Are Ratcheting Up Reading Expectations For 3rd-Graders

July 17, 2019
Alexandra Starr

Changes in education policy often emanate from the federal government. But one policy that has spread across the country came not from Washington, D.C., but from Florida. “Mandatory retention” requires that third-graders who do not show sufficient proficiency in reading repeat the grade. It was part of a broader packet of reforms proposed by  former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2002 ….

Recap of the State House hearing on early education and care

July 17, 2019
Alyssa Haywoode

ast week, there was a standing-room-only hearing at the Massachusetts State House where parents, teachers, and advocates called on elected officials to increase access to high-quality, affordable child care, expand preschool, increase educator salaries, and other priorities. “Right now many parents struggle to access affordable childcare, and they often choose to stay home to avoid…

Report: Preschool Programming “Severely Lacking” in Representation

July 17, 2019
Kristin Brzoznowski

New research commissioned by Hopster has revealed that the majority of top preschool shows poorly represent disabilities, the LGBT+ community and the working class and have high rates of gender stereotyping. The report involved analyzing 50 of the most popular shows aimed at preschoolers on public-service broadcasting channels, streaming and VOD services. The research found…