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Recent early education news and updates

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SA Pre-K students exceed national norm in kindergarten readiness, study shows

November 14, 2017
Dawn Jorgenson

Pre-K 4 SA  opened its doors in 2013 to 4-year-olds across San Antonio with a goal of delivering high-quality early childhood education to families who may not have access otherwise,” Pre-K 4 SA Board Chair Elaine Mendoza said. “The results indicate we are succeeding in a big way.” Mendoza said Pre-K 4 SA prepares about 2,000 children…

$50M in Detroit early education aid announced

November 13, 2017
Jennifer Chambers

Detroit — National philanthropic leaders announced a 10-year, $50 million plan to improve early childhood education and services in Detroit, which includes renovating early childhood facilities and building a state-of-the-art early childhood education center in one of the city’s neighborhoods in 2018. The announcement came just as the city is losing a major partner in a…

College Fund to Present National Forum on Culturally Relevant Early Childhood Education for Native Americans

November 13, 2017

Denver, Colo., Nov. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The American Indian College Fund leads the nation in supporting development of culturally relevant early childhood education programs at tribal colleges and universities to secure the health and wellness of young Native learners and their families. Inspired by its work under its Restorative Teachings Early Childhood Education…

A Stanford professor says we should teach more math in preschool

November 13, 2017
Jenny Anderson

Most parents do not have to be convinced that early literacy is important. Reading, singing, and talking to children before they can read themselves helps pave the way for curiosity, empathy and, hopefully, a lifelong love of reading. But what about math? Deborah Stipek, a professor at Stanford and the former dean of the school…

LA releases first official early childhood ratings; see local results

November 13, 2017
Amanda McElfresh

Along with  school performance scores , the Louisiana Department of Education also released the first official ratings for early childhood programs this week. The ratings apply to publicly funded programs, including preschools, daycare centers and Head Start centers. Each center’s overall performance rating is based on observations and includes factors such as instruction, the use of curriculum and…

Louisiana Releases New Tool to Help Parents Find Good Early-Learning Options

November 9, 2017
Marva Hinton

The state Department of Education released an interactive, online tool Tuesday known as the  Louisiana School Finder . It’s designed to help families find and evaluate both child-care centers and K-12 schools. State Superintendent of Education John White  said the tool is an important step in closing the gap between early-learning programs and K-12 education. “It’s time that we stop accepting the fragmentation of these…

California moves to curtail expelling children from preschool — yes, preschool

November 9, 2017
Lee Romney

After successfully  reducing expulsions in its K-12 schools , California is now moving to restrict the practice with even younger children — at the preschool level. To that end, Gov. Jerry Brown signed  legislation  last month that bars state-subsidized preschool programs from expelling kids unless an exhaustive process aimed at supporting the child and family is followed first. Children can be expelled…

Will a college degree requirement lead to better, more respected preschool teachers?

November 9, 2017
Lia Kvatum

Before my own daughter began preschool, I would have looked at this activity and seen nothing but play cooking. I had no idea what preschool might mean for her developmentally and had little appreciation for the educational techniques that went into her day-to-day experiences. Once I saw how those experiences were shaping her, I realized…

Tax plan to offer preschool scholarships for Tucson children fails

November 8, 2017
Hank Stephenson and Ava Garcia

The old adage that politics makes strange bedfellows was certainly true of the coalition opposing Tucson’s Proposition 204, which aimed to increase the city sales tax by a half-penny to pay for preschool vouchers. The proposition, dubbed Strong Start Tucson, failed by a wide margin in Tuesday’s election, garnering just 34 percent of the vote…

Anti-bias lessons help preschoolers hold up a mirror to diversity

November 8, 2017
Cat Wise

Some California preschools are getting children to participate in conversations about racial differences at an early age by introducing an anti-bias curriculum that teaches kids about diversity and inclusion. Against a backdrop of national divides over race, these educators use art projects and discussions to infuse a powerful message into the classroom.