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Nursery school: a forgotten foundation of education

October 9, 2017
Aristotle M

In order to have good results in the first year of primary education, I believe children should be encouraged to begin in nursery school.  In my first blog, I want to talk about the importance of nursery school. Come with me to Sommet du Savoir School in the city of Bunia, in Ituri Province.

Yvette, a courageous and cheerful teacher

Yvette, a courageous and cheerful woman in her thirties, is one of the teachers in the nursery school. Educating children being everyone’s responsibility she feels happy and proud to teach them.

“I’m a mother and I have two boys who are at university. I always wanted to work with young children. That is why I did special studies to become a teacher and be able to take care of children and bring them up as a mother.

Nursery school gives a taste for the future

The results of the massive enrolment campaign of children aged 6-7 in the first year of primary education launched by the government in partnership with UNICEF are already being felt in the community.

Here, the return to school went well because many children have already come along to school with their school things such as rucksacks, water bottles, bread, and so on.”